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Types and How Register Business in Indonesia

Register Business in Indonesia – Business is a business of selling goods or services performed by individuals or groups of people to consumers with the aim of profiting by utilizing existing resources. This business function there are four, namely form utility, place Utility, is a function of distribution, possesive utility, and time utility.

The business also includes activities for acquiring raw materials, manufacturing raw materials into products, and distributing products to consumers. Every business that is done must be managed properly. In addition, you must also follow the terms and process to register business in Indonesia. The business also consists of various categories.

  1. Business Category According to Their Activities

  • Manufacturing Business is a business activity in the form of processing goods or non services. Examples of this manufacturing business are the property business, the manufacture of processed foods, and various other business types.
  • Business Services is a business that offers non-real objects. Examples of this business are business consultancy services, delivery services, private tutoring services, and various other types.
  • Business as Distributor. The form of this business is as an intermediary between consumers denngan manufacturers. Examples of business types are stalls kelontog, minimarket, franchise business, and various other similar businesses.
  • Business production of raw materials. This business can consist of a mining or agricultural business. This type of business produces raw goods that exist in nature to be processed into a product worth selling, for example is petroleum, coal, and other natural materials.
  • A utility business that is a service business that is destined for the public at large. An example of this business is, a state company that provides electricity, clean water, and various other needs. This business is usually managed by the Government.
  • Transport business examples of this business is travel services, and various other similar businesses.
  1. Business by Ownership

  • Company owned by Individuals. All matters pertaining to the company, for example capital, the company’s services are borne entirely by the owner.
  • A partnership company is a company that is owned, established, and implemented jointly. The minimum number of founders of this type of company is 2 persons.
  • Company or corporation, a company that has a board of directors and supervised by the director.
  • Cooperative is a business entity consisting of cooperative legal entity or person whose activities are based on the principles of populist economy based on kinship.
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Business owned must immediately register business in Indonesia according to applicable terms and procedures. Because good business is a legal business. Thus, you will also have a guarantee for the sustainability of your business. In conducting business processes, also known various types of markets for the products you offer. Following are the different types of markets or consumer goals of a business:

  • Monopsony is a condition in which one business actor controls the supply receipt or becomes a sole buyer of goods or services within a commodity market.
  • Monopoly is a form of market where there is only one seller who dominates the market or one seller with many buyers. The price determinant in this market is a seller or often referred to as a monopolist.
  • Oligopoly is a market where the supply of one type of goods is controlled by several companies or with the condition of some sellers, but many buyers. Generally julmlah companies more than two, but less than ten.
  • Oligopsony is a condition whereby two or more business actors control supply receipts or become sole buyers of goods or services within a commodity market. This condition can also be multiple buyers, but many sellers.

The name of the company used for business needs to be registered. So also with the brand of products that you produce. For registration of the company name as a mark, it must register it to the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights. This is because the names of companies and brands are two different things. Applications for registration of Marks may be filed by the Applicant or the person appointed as their Attorney.

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The application shall be submitted to the Minister of Law and Human Rights electronically or non-electronically in the Indonesian language. This electronic application is made through the official website of the Directorate General of Intellectual Property.

The way it does is fill out the form electronically to further upload the required document requirements. Meanwhile, the non-electronic application is submitted in writing to the Minister by enclosing the required requirements document. How to register business in Indonesia can follow the following procedures:

  1. To register a company that can be performed by the owner, management, responsible person, or may also be authorized by the authorized company in the Registrar’s Office of Registrar or City in place of the company. the person acting as the holder of the power of the owner of this company is not included in signing the required registration formulis.
  2. Company registration is done by filling out the company registration form that has been provided. Furthermore, submit directly to the Head of District or City by attaching the documents requirements that have been complete.
  3. Waiting for Company Registration from regency or city.
  4. Upon receipt of the Company Registry Certificate, the document must be placed in an easy-to-read corporate area.

Hopefully some information on various types of business and how to register business in Indonesia can help you who plan to start a business. Build business according to your pleasure, to always feel happy in running the business. Congratulations on business and success always.

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