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Things to Know About Company Registration Indonesia

Company Registration Indonesia

Company registration Indonesia – In today’s era of globalization, information has a strategic role both for business and government in determining public policy. The Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Industry and Trade has basically anticipated this development through Law no. 3 of 1982 concerning Obligation of Company Register which was enacted on February 1, 1982 and effectively came into effect on 1 July 1985. Here are some things we should know related to company registration Indonesia.

The law requires each company to register at the Company Registration Office conducted in the district / city by filling out the registration form. The results of company registration are processed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade as a source of official information containing the identity and matters concerning companies that work and domicile in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. Company information is open and law can be used as a perfect proof tool.

Company registration Indonesia covers all forms of business i.e. Limited Liability Company, Cooperative, CV, Firm, Individual Company and Other Company Shape. The company is engaged in 10 business sectors based on the Indonesian Business Classification.

In the implementation of Law no. 3 of 1982 related to Government Regulation no. 24 Year 1998 on Annual Financial Information of the Company which is renewed on Government Regulation no. 64 of 1999 concerning amendment to Government Regulation no. 24 of 1998. This regulation requires each company having a wealth of 25 billion rupiahs and above to submit the Company’s Annual Financial Report which has been audited by a Public Accountant.

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Companies that have registered since 1 July 1985 to date cumulatively numbered 1,469,596 companies, while the number of companies that have registered the Company’s Annual Financial Report in the Year Book 1999 as many as 2592 companies and Year Book 2000 as many as 22 companies. The registered company information can be accessed electronically through the official website of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Improved Information Services Related to Company Registration

In order to improve information services in accordance with the development of information technology today, it is necessary a cooperation with companies capable of supporting the Ministry of Industry and Trade in the development of corporate information networks including hardware and software.

On Wednesday 8 May 2001, a Memorandum of Understanding / MOU was signed between the Minister of Industry and Trade with DUN & BRADSTREET (D & B) Asia Pacific Region represented by Mr. David J. Emery and Mr. Francis CH Lee, Chairman of Corporate Ventures Group (CVG) Singapore. As the completeness is also signed Service Agreement (SA) between the Director General of Domestic Trade with Mr. Francis CH Lee.

D & B is an information business company founded in 1841 centered in Murray Hill, USA. The company has an extensive network of branches in charge of the Asia Pacific region, based in Singapore. CVG is a group of companies consisting of Corporate Venture Pte Ltd, Singapore (“CVPL”) and Corporate Ventures International, BVI (“CVI”). In cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade D & B mandated CVG to establish PT IndoBizInfo based in Jakarta. In Southeast Asia similar cooperation has also been conducted between D & B and the Government of Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

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The cooperation in addition to the purpose of developing a database of companies in the Ministry of Industry and Trade also helps national companies enter the international information network. The companies that fall into this network will get DUN NUMBERS in the D & B Database, which has already recognized the level of accuracy in the world.

It is expected that the cooperation will be able to support the Government’s policy in the promotion of international trade and investment in Indonesia, and can be utilized maximally by business actors for the development of their business.

As an emerging country, the Indonesian government has realized the importance of improving itself in order to further compete with other countries in the world. Included in the matter of the company registration Indonesia began to set up with a very professional. Company registration is necessary to monitor economic development in Indonesia.

In addition, company registration is also required as government recognition of the company. If a company has been officially registered with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, then public confidence in the company will surely increase. With increasing public trust in a company, economic problems that arise slowly will be overcome.

Unfortunately there are still many companies that have not registered themselves to the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Some of the reasons we’ve come across about this are because many small companies are afraid of high taxes if they register their companies. Moreover the tax is a duty for every citizen, whatever his profession for the advancement of nation building.

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In addition to tax issues, usually companies that are reluctant to register themselves to the government are companies engaged in the realm that is contrary to state law. Such companies should be eradicated by the state. Unfortunately there are still many people who can be paid to keep this illegal company.

If you are an entrepreneur who runs a company in a legal field, then make sure to immediately do a company registration Indonesia. Your company will be officially registered in Indonesia, especially under the Ministry of Industry and Trade. By registering the company, you have also indirectly assisted with the development and economic growth in Indonesia.

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