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The Regulation of BKPM 12/2009 is intended as a guide for PTSP organizers in the field of investment, the investors, and the public in understanding the procedures for filing and completing the application process of investment licensing. In general, the types of investment services as regulated in BKPM 12/2009 regulations are divided into two types, […]

Investing Indonesia¬†–¬†Indonesia as well as developing countries in common is an emerging economic potentials. One of the appeal for investors is because there are so many problems that need immediate solution. It means that the country provide many opportunities as solutions. Despite its rapidly growing economy, there are obstacles in setting up business in Indonesia […]

Procedure to Invest in Indonesia – Investment or investment is a second component that determines the level of aggregate expenditure. Savings from the household sector through the institution of financial institutions will flow into a corporate sector, if entrepreneurs use the money to buy capital goods, then the expenditure is called investment. These investments have […]

Procedure to Establish a Company in Indonesia – The company is an organization founded by a person or can also be a group of people to conduct production activities which then do the distribution to meet the economic needs of human beings so that obtained profits. Production and distribution activities are done by combining various […]