31Dec 2017
Foreign investment in Indonesia

Foreign investment in Indonesia is regulated by Law no. 25 Year 2007 regarding Investment (Investment Law) which is a substitute and the old Investment Law, namely Law No.1 Year 1967 on Foreign Investment (UUPMA) and Law No.6 of 1968 concerning Domestic Investment (UUPMDN). Unlike UUPMA and UUPMDN which distinguish the regulation between foreign investment and […]

31Dec 2017
business registration number Indonesia

To get the business registration number Indonesia, the company must pass the process of establishment. The company’s founding process can be done in three ways: One, forming a local representative of an international company. The advantage gained if you choose the first way that you will easily get the opportunity favored by the people of […]

30Dec 2017
The Role of Law in Creating Favorable Foreign Investment Climate

Company registration Indonesia – In today’s era of globalization, information has a strategic role both for business and government in determining public policy. The Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Industry and Trade has basically anticipated this development through Law no. 3 of 1982 concerning Obligation of Company Register which was enacted on February 1, […]