17Dec 2017
Advantages Opening Company in Indonesia in the Field of E-commerce

Opening Company in Indonesia – E-commerce is a modern non-face business model or a business that does not physically bring a businessperson, and non-sign or not using original signatures. The trading system used in e-commerce is designed to sign electronically. Electronic signing is designed starting from the time of purchase, inspection and delivery. Therefore, the availability […]

16Dec 2017
Process of Registration a Company in Indonesia

Process of Registration a Company in Indonesia – Companies have many different types and categories. one type of company when viewed from the field it does is a service company. A company whose business activities provide services to consumers by obtaining rewards or profits. Examples of these service companies are vehicle rental companies, event companies […]

16Dec 2017
Percentage of Investment in Indonesia for Business Development

Percentage of Investment in Indonesia – Indonesia is said to have many opportunities to gain enormous opportunities in ASEAN. Indonesia is a country with the largest economy in ASEAN and the existence of MEA can further encourage growth. Indonesia is endowed with a supportive demography and a large domestic market but ASEAN will be able to provide […]