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Registering Company in Indonesia Total Cost Complete Terms and Procedures

Registering Company in Indonesia Total Cost – The establishment of a company in the form of PT is currently still using the old procedure, but there are already pruning some procedures. The cost is not as cheap as imagined. One of them is taking care of the deed of establishment of company in notary office which still pertained high. However, the notary has its own explanation why fix its own price to take care of business establishment such as PT.

The price is adjusted to the scale of the business PT that would be established. The cost is the cost of the package until the business stands, which ranges from 3.5 million rupiahs to 10 million rupiahs which is the cost of the package offered starting from the message name, notarial deed fees, the cost of processing NPWP, the cost of handling domicile and the cost of legalization of notarial deed by the Ministry of Justice and HAM. So, registering company in Indonesia total cost depends on notary office and company scale to be established.

The Company is a business that runs a business and has a stable or permanent nature over a long period of time. This company is a body established, operating, and domiciled in Indonesia with the aim to seek maximum profit. Requirements required to establish a private company and its establishment procedures are quite diverse. the entrepreneur has the authority to undertake the economic process within the sole proprietorship. Entrepreneurs establish a company with the aim to meet the needs of the economy and seek profit.

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In running a company requires a business license. A business license is intended as a tool for fostering, directing, supervising, and issuing business establishments. There are some things that need to be prepared in establishing a business, namely; take care of the business license itself, the determination of business location, the procurement of production facilities, the procurement of raw materials production, recruitment and acceleration of appropriate Human Resources, and preparation of business administration.

Setting up a company requires important data. In general, the data required to establish a limited liability company include; the name of the company, business entity, business classification, percentage of ownership of capital, name of president director, copy of identity card of capital owner, family card if the director is female, taxpayer director’s principal number, business domicile certificate, building property tax documents or rental lease proofs, company phone numbers, and location plans of business premises.

In addition to documents, you must also follow the applicable procedures and also pay attention to registering company in Indonesia total cost. For the establishment of the PT initially had to go through thirteen procedures, but trimmed into seven procedures. If initially the cost to establish PT about 7.8 million rupiahs, then currently only about 2.7 million rupiahs.

Pruning is also done for time management in establishing the company. It used to take forty-seven days, but after the spacewalk it took only ten days. The required permit is also only three, namely; SIUP and TDP issued simultaneously and deed of establishment. In addition to establishing PT type companies, there are also procedures for establishing CV type companies. In establishing this CV company there are advantages and disadvantages as follows:

  1. The CV name used can be the same as the others.
  2. The name of the CV used is not approved by the Minister of Law and Ham.
  3. This CV is only registered in the District Court.
  4. The business risks involved involve personal property.
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In establishing the CV requires a variety of requirements and also registering company in Indonesia total cost. Terms of establishment CV is as follows:

  1. Photocopy of identity card of the founders, at least 2 persons and not status as husband and wife.
  2. Photocopy of the last building tax on the place of business or office, if the building is self-owned.
  3. Photocopy of Contract Letter, if the building used is a contract office.
  4. Fill out the CV creation form.
  5. Taxpayer principal tax number.
  6. Certificate of Domicile.
  7. Copy of the responsible family card or Director.
  8. Pas photo of person in charge of size 3 x 4.

In registering this CV will produce various documents in the form; Notarial Deed of Establishment of CV, Corporate Domicile, Business Taxpayer Identification Number, Proof of Registration of the State Court, Trading Business License, and Company Registration. This Deed of Establishment aims to avoid the occurrence of future disputes regarding the distribution of profits and also the proportion of losses if possible occur. In addition, it also serves to clarify the company’s ownership status.

It aims to avoid unwanted things, such as disagreements when the shares will be sold back to partners or to others and the process of buying stock valuations. You need to make the deal and be included in the company’s deed. The agreement is made in front of a notary, this applies to a business entity in the form of a firm, partnership or limited liability company. Making a deed here means being present before the subject of the agreement to read and sign the deed.

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The making of the deed of establishment is conducted by a notary authorized throughout the territory of the Republic of Indonesia to further obtain the approval of the relevant ministry. The Business Establishment Deed contains a company profile created by the business founder with a notary and accompanied by witnesses registered to the local District Court. In registering company in Indonesia total cost for CV type company is five million rupiahs.

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