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How to Establish Company in Indonesia to Be Bigger and Stronger

How to Establish Company in Indonesia to Be Bigger and Stronger?

To be successful how to establish company in Indonesia to be bigger and stronger, surely you must know how successful business for beginners in particular. For those who have long pursue the business world, certainly already enough understand how to run the next business activity. As long as you have mental steel in running a business and not quickly give up, then the business people still have a great opportunity and grow big.

Many companies are built into large but eventually bankrupt. Because the mentality of a leader is weak due to the many pressures that occur within the company, so eventually something bad happens within your company.

Steps to Have Bigger and Stronger Company

Do these seven things to answer how to establish company in Indonesia to be bigger and stronger, you have to have a lot of things and there are some also you have to master / have which of them is.

  1. Strong Facilitator Leader

This is a combination of professional fighting power plus humility. The leader who prepared his successor well and who take responsibility when things go wrong and give credit to many things

  1. The Right Person. People are not the most important asset in a company. But the right person is the most important asset in the company.
  1. Staring to Reality Without Missing Confidence
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Do not be OPTIMISTIC, but be POSITIVE. If you are a POSITIVE person, you can accept any of the worst. But if you become an OPTIMIST person, often you will die with the OPTIMIST you have.

  1. The Hedgehog Moment

The company will grow up to 3x or more if the people involved in it focus on something they can be the best. If you cannot be the best in your business, then you can not form your concept. It should also be included with the Economy scale. Focus on benchmarks. Also the most important is On Time. Focus on the benchmark also you can see it to many things that have one of the biggest effects.

  1. Culture of Discipline

You do not think discipline here is the person / your employees discipline on time, discipline in planning, discipline in take action, discipline does not mean people discipline without thinking. But what is meant here is, discipline in smart thinking. After that you can think to work hard.

  1. Using Technology as Acceleration

Powerful companies think differently about technology than average companies. They may be the first (pioneer), but not necessarily a pioneer. You do not need to have the most advanced Technology, but you have to choose the technology needed.

  1. Creating Momentum
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The average person in business, just the road suddenly stopped him. It should be though the start is hard and heavy, but do not make this a burden, face the difficulty until there is momentum. The way is to make a noble MISSION! Because with you making a noble MISSION than you are just looking for MONEY, you will still be SPIRIT with what you are doing.

Conquer These Five Challenges!

With seven capitals you already have to overcome how to establish company in Indonesia bigger and stronger, you no longer need to be afraid to face obstacles to obstacles in your business process. Conquer these five challenges and grow bigger.

  1. Business License Constraints. Not a few business actors who still do not really understand the type of business licensing required for the business. One of the influencing factors is the many types of business licenses in Indonesia and each of them has different stages and requirements that may be different from each other.
  2. Business Domicile Constraints. A business entity shall have a business domicile. Moreover, in some areas can no longer use the residence as domicile.
  3. Determination of Business Sector. This constraint is closely related to the first obstacle that is about business licensing. Therefore, you need to determine the business field exactly so that you are not wrong in identifying the business license you need.
  4. Administrative Requirements Constraints. These constraints include various administrative requirements in each stage of managing company’s legality documents.
  5. Capital Constraints to Establish Company.
  6. When we discuss with startup and small and medium enterprises who want to establish a company, the majority still think that establishing a company especially PT requires a lot of capital and cost.
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One of the important phases to start and grow your business is when you decide to create a company or business entity. This need is born usually by looking at the needs of your own business. These needs include seeking additional capital for your business as well as bidding in government agencies and most importantly separating business and personal affairs.

The forms of business entities vary, some are incorporated, some are not legal entities. For the legal entity you can choose to make a Limited Liability Company (PT) and Cooperative. While the non-legal entity of choice is the Commandit Guild, otherwise known as Comanditaire Venootschap (CV), the Civil Association, the Firm, the Individual Company and the Trading Business. All the above business entities have their own characteristics, but based on, make PT and CV is 2 (two) options that are quite popular among business actors.

Although awareness of how to establish company in Indonesia already exists, not infrequently the above obstacles inhibit the intentions of those who want to create a company or business entity.

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