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Search Company Registration in Indonesia

Search Company Registration in Indonesia – In Law Number 40 Year 2007 regarding Limited Liability Company, the authorized capital of PT is 50 million rupiahs with minimum twenty-five percent paid as paid up capital of PT. This requirement often becomes difficult for those who want to set up the Company but the capital is limited. Though they understand that establishing a PT that has a legal entity can minimize the risk of doing business in the future.

The government issued a new rule where the amount of authorized capital for the establishment of PT depends on the agreement of its founders. This is explained in Government Regulation Number 29 of 2016 concerning Changes in Authorized Capital of a Limited Liability Company. However, this capital requirement applies only to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. You can search company registration in Indonesia to know the company registration procedure in Indonesia.

  1. Making the Taxpayer ID of the Director and the Company

The current tax office has provided new rules in the management of corporate taxpayer number for PT. First, the taxpayer’s principal number must be in the latest format of 2015 format. The characteristic of this latest format is the identity of the relevant Director’s Identity Number as stipulated in the card of the taxpayer’s personal identification number. In addition to NIK, the address on the card of the taxpayer’s personal identification number must be the same as the address stated in the valid ID.

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Second, in order to increase tax compliance, the director of the PT better not have tax arrears. If there are arrears of annual SPT arrears, then the concerned must first pay the arrears of the following tax with penalty of late. Fines ranging from 100 thousand rupiahs per year, depending on the length of your delay in settling the arrears along with the fine.

  1. Determining the Field of Business

In determining the field of business you can search company registration in Indonesia to at least know the important points. Examples of such important points are:

  • You can choose any field of business, except closed and prohibited by the rules.
  • The selected business field must be listed and stated in the deed of establishment of PT.
  • The business field you choose will specify the type of business license you need to have.
  • The business field you choose is better specific and as per the latest KBLI. If you want to do general trading or general trading, you need to specify what commodity you will sell.
  • You also need to observe KBLI code carefully as this will be closely linked to the business licensing procedure for your business. “KBLI” is a classification of economic activity or activity that is a reference for the relevant agencies to see the code of business field that will establish the appropriate type of business license. For general trading business, the code of this business field will be contained in Trading Business License. Further business code from your main business will be included in the Company Registry.
  1. SIUP and TDP Online

For those of you who want to build a PT that runs in general trading, then its business license is a Trade Business License “SIUP”. Fortunately for those of you who want to establish a PT in Jakarta, now can use the service to obtain SIUP and TDP online. However, this service still distinguishes between small SIUP and medium and large SIUP. For PT with medium and large SIUP, with paid up capital of over 500 million rupiahs, can apply for SIUP and TDP online and simultaneously.

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That is, you will get SIUP and TDP at once with one login and online form filling. For PT with small SIUP, it means the paid up capital of PT ranges from 50 million to 500 million rupiahs, cannot be simultaneous. At least you need to login twice, first when submitting SIUP online. Second, when submitting an online TDP application after SIUP is issued. You can also search company registration in Indonesia

  1. Requirements BPJS Employment to Establish PT

Although impressed simple, BPJS requirements to establish a PT is often a difficulty. Online maintenance still takes longer than manual handling. According to our experience, the manual procedure where applicants come directly to the BPJS office cannot be completed on the same day. In some areas, such as Jakarta, the existence of the Employment BPJS certificate is one of the requirements to be able to take care of SKDP, it is important for you to have a BPJS Employment.

If you pay attention to point 2 above, it will be difficult to obtain other business legality documents such as corporate taxpayer ID number, SIUP or other business license, and TDP without SKDP. You can search company registration in Indonesia to know more complete procedure.

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