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Register Company in Indonesia Fee

3 Procedures and Register Company in Indonesia Fee

Register Company in Indonesia Fee – Company registration is within the scope of authority of the Ministry of Commerce. Conducting company registration is a liability for every company that runs in Indonesia. Categories that include, but are not limited to, either PT, Cooperative, CV, Firm or individual business ventures. Every company registration in Indonesia must prepare the required cost. Includes register company in Indonesia fee.

  1. To establish a Company Data You Need to Prepare

  • Choice of Company Name, minimum 3.
  • Field of Business.
  • Company Domicile.
  • Name of Shareholder & Identity Card.
  • Shareholder Composition.
  • Authorized Capital of the Company, minimum 51 million.
  • Paid-in Capital, minimum 51 million.
  • Composition of Directors and Commissioners.
  • KTP Director and Commissioner.
  • NPWP Director.
  • Photo 3×4 2 sheets.
  1. The Following Terms of Establishing the PT in Accordance with Applicable Law

  • A Corporation must be established by two or more persons

Limited liability companies shall be established by two or more persons as established on the basis of the agreement. The meaning of a person in this case is a person who means an individual who has a capital or a legal entity who wants to establish a business based on an agreement with another party.

  • A Corporation must be established by an authentic deed

In addition to entering into agreements between two or more persons to establish a company, an agreement to establish a PT must also be made through an authentic deed with the help of a notary. Deed is made in clear Indonesian language and contains the articles of association of the company.

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Subsequently filed a deed for legalization as a legal entity by the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia. If the deed of establishment of the PT does not contain the above elements, then the agreement to establish the PT is considered null and void, or if the submission is rejected by the Minister of Law and Human Rights, then the PT stands without a permanent legal entity.

  • A Corporation must have the authorized capital of the company

It takes a lot of capital to be able to establish a company with the form of PT. This is also one of the conditions that must be met to establish a limited liability company. In the legislation itself is mentioned if the authorized capital in a company is the total amount of the nominal value of shares contained in the company. Capital owned by a company is determined in the articles of association of the company.

To start a business with a legal entity such as a Limited Liability Company, a licensing requirement may be the most inconvenient thing for entrepreneurs who want to establish a PT. To take care of it you can ask for assistance services establishment of a trusted and experienced in the field, so that all bureaucratic problems and various purposes documents can be made in a relatively quick time. But it would be better if you know the steps needed to establish a company and its administrative requirements.

The basic capital of PT remains at least Rp50 million. However, for MSMEs, the authorized capital is determined based on the agreement of the founders of PT as set forth in the deed of establishment of PT. The establishment of the PT is now only through seven procedures from the previous 13 procedures.

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If initially the cost to establish PT approximately 7.8 million, then now only approximately 2.7 million for register company in Indonesia fee. The reduction of this procedure also shortens the time that was initially 47 days to 10 days only. By only needing three permits namely SIUP, TDP and deed of establishment.

  1. Seven Ways to Establish a PT with the Deregulation

  • Submission of company name, payment for name message, issuing permit of company name is done in one service system with two days processing process with cost Rp200 thousand.
  • Obtain standard corporate deed from notary, one working day with cost Rp1 million for PT. Company deeds are the main requirement that must be prepared in establishing a Limited Liability Company. The deeds created should display information about the company such as the full name of the company, the business field undertaken, the names of the owners of capital, the managerial structure of the company, the authorized capital, the amount of paid up capital, and other matters relating to the company’s operations.
  • Approval of permit for establishment of legal entity, issuing of legal entity license, payment of PNBP, legalization of legal entity, one working day at a cost of Rp1 million for register company in Indonesia fee.
  • Submission of SIUP and TDP and BPJS Health online at PTSP, one working day at no cost. SIUP is required in the establishment of a company such as PT so that the business can run and operate smoothly. To take care of SIUP, usually the establishment services of PT will be very helpful in this case, because of the many documents and requirements that must be fulfilled when applying for this business license.
  • Company registration at the Department of Labor, one working day at no cost.
  • Submission of BPJS Employment list online, two business days at no cost
  • Obtain the NPWP and VAT Collector Number numbers of the Taxable Entrepreneur Number (NPPKP) online. NPWP or Taxpayer Identification Number is a thing that must be owned by every entrepreneur, whether it is an individual or a corporate entity such as a Limited Liability Company. NPWP is the identity of the taxpayer who serves as a means in taking care of various matters relating to taxation. In addition, NPWP is also required as a condition to make a Trading Business License which is one of the absolute requirements in establishing a company. To take care of the NPWP, applicants can go to the nearest Tax Office that operates during normal business hours.
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That is the terms and steps that must be done in establishing a corporation. pointing to trustworthy establishment of PT is a step that can be done to save your time and energy, because the bureaucratic climate that sometimes can be very convoluted to often make a business plan that will run into obstacles. hopefully a simple explanation about the register company in Indonesia fee can help you.

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