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Before we discuss about how to register a company in Indonesia, then we must know about business licensing first. One of the requirements in registering the company is to attach a copy of the Business Permit and HO Interference License. Business licensing is a tool to supervise, direct, develop and publish business issuance. For the […]

Register Your Company in Indonesia – A company is a business entity that carries out any type of business that has stable, fixed and long-term nature as well as a body established, working and domiciled in Indonesia for the purpose of seeking maximum profit. Here we will discuss the conditions necessary to establish a private […]

Invest Indonesia – Indonesia is one of the country that offers promising market in Southeast Asia. It has been a market destination for investors from around the world. Even though forerunner businessmen have proved amazing growth, interested investors are supposed to observe the field first. Yet, invest Indonesia is promising and challenging. Market Potential Indonesia […]

Requirement for Foreigners to Start a Business in Indonesia¬†–¬†Foreign entrepreneurs may make foreign investments in Indonesia by establishing a foreign investment company in a Limited Liability Company or in Bahasa Indonesia often abbreviated as “PMA”. Foreign investment in Indonesia in the form of a PMA company can be done by ownership of shares at the […]

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