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Fee for setting PT. PMA in Indonesia – The establishment of an enterprise in Indonesia is generally done through investment from foreigners and is dedicated to the specific requirements of the establishment of the company. Foreign Invetations by Law no. 25 Year 2007 on Investment, defined as investment activities conducted by foreign investors to run […]

 a) Limitation of Investment as Part of State Sovereignty In general, foreign investment activities in a country are limited by the rules of the country of origin of the foreign investor (governance by the home nation), the host country where the foreign investor invests (the governance by the host nation) and also the relevant international law […]

Since the beginning of 2016, the Government of Indonesia continues its efforts to simplify the procedure of how to set up company in Indonesia. This is because the number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia is still very small compared to neighboring countries, Singapore. Establishing a new business is considered to provide added value as it will […]

Register Company Indonesia – This time the business world in Indonesia is partly dominated by the business of food and beverage production. For companies engaged in food should register their products to BPOM. Because if the indication is dangerous then it can be directly updated. Do not let our products that have spun on the […]