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How To Register A Company In Indonesia - Company Registration

New! How Register Company Indonesia?

Register Company Indonesia – This time the business world in Indonesia is partly dominated by the business of food and beverage production. For companies engaged in food should register their products to BPOM. Because if the indication is dangerous then it can be directly updated. Do not let our products that have spun on the market suddenly taken over the police because it indicated a toxic foodstuff. Every company must be registered. There can follow various procedures for register company Indonesia who have been treated.

How to apply to BPOM, usually for food and beverage registration for the region in Indonesia is handled directly by the Directorate of Food Security Assessment BPOM. And for the handling of local and overseas products are usually different way of registration. If the local product is usually required a photocopy of industrial permit sourced from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Food, BPOM contained in Building D 3rd Floor of State Printing number 23 Centre Jakarta with phone number (021) 42445267.

Then the completed registration form is usually returned to the officer concurrently with the product samples and design the label according to what has been circulated. However, because now is the digital age it is not necessary dating to the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Food, BPOM because it can register online. The way through e-Registration application.

The application is made for food and pharmaceutical industry players who will apply for their product registration to BPOM more easily, quickly, efficiently and transparently. The advantages of using this application is the user only need internet connectivity to be able to do the product licensing process and upload some documents in the form of printing company to BPOM to do the verification process.

  1. How to Apply for High-Food Product Licensing?
  • Login to e-Registration application.
  • Filling product registration data.
  • Filling the product composition data.
  • Filling virgin analysis results in accordance with the category of food.
  • Upload required supporting documents.
  • Supervision of licensing documents until the issuance of Letter of Appointment Registration (SPP).
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However, to be able to enter the e-Registration application, the company must already do the registration first. The company user registration process usually only can be done once. So, you should make sure to follow the procedure of register company Indonesia correctly.

  1. How to Get Started Company Registration Process?
  • First, the user must select the List menu available on the homepage of e-Registration application.
  • Furthermore the user will be faced with the form data company data.
  • In the Company Data will be found menu List => New List of Companies, then Click, then the user will be faced with a page that will display the form fields in the form of data perusaahan.
  • Then After the Company Data then that will be filled is the form of factory data related to the company.
  • After the factory data successfully processed then the user will be faced on the page that shows the contents of the data PSB or type of food for each factory that has been incorporated that also related to company.
  • After the process of PSB data or type of food has been successful after that the user is instructed to upload the data documents that have been required. With a page that displays the contents of scanned data associated with the company.
  • The next process is re-registration company. For companies that have been rejected can re-register. To re-register can be by click menu List => Register Company, then the user will be faced with a page that displays the form of data USER ID and NPWP.
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Then Pass the Registration Process of the company then the next step is to register the product. As part of how permissions to BPOM. The trick is:

  • Start registering products by logging into the e-registration application first. by providing user ID and Password which are each contained in the column corresponding to the data received by email. Then press the login button to login to the e-Registration application.
  • After filling the Food-Product Data List by clicking the registration menu => Filing Documents => New to be able to fill product registration data.
  • Composition Data Entry. Follow every procedure to register company Indonesia correctly. Because if you miss a company registration process, then the time you need for registration will be longer.
  • Changing & Deleting Composition Data. After the product data successfully saved, the user can make changes to the composition data that has been entered and the user can also reduce data composition that is not appropriate as long as the product registration documents have not been sent to verification.
  • After that to the process of data analysis, after all the composition data has been successfully saved and the product data has been declared complete, press the Analyze Results button. Users will be faced with data analysis results. Subsequent registrants make the process of entering the data product analysis results.
  • Content Information Data Entry Nutrition. Then After all the data analysis is successfully saved and the product data has been declared complete, then press the Nutrition Value Information button. Users will be faced with nutrition value information entry data. Subsequent registrants make the process of entering the data information nutritional value of its products.
  • Product Claims. Then after the contents of data information and nutritional value is processed then the next step is to enter value data nutrition value information by zara pressing the button claims to continue the process.
  • Field Information Data of Nutritional Value of Similar. Then followed by completing the data of similar nutritional information with the way the applicant chooses the claim enriched or minus, then the applicant must fulfill the data entry information about the same nutritional value (information on the nutritional value of similar products made as a comparison). Furthermore, the data field will be displayed after the registrar meets the product claim then press the preview button.
  • Submit Product Registration Data. Once the product registration data has been fulfilled and all the required files have been uploaded, the product registration data is ready to be sent to the verifier.
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Hopefully the explanation about the register company Indonesia can help you who are planning to build a new company.

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