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KITAS work permit in Indonesia

KITAS work permit in Indonesia

KITAS work permit in Indonesia – Foreign Workers who work in Indonesia must have a visa for the purpose of working in the territory of Indonesia. In addition, foreign workers must meet various other requirements in order to work in Indonesia. In fact, for foreign workers who do temporary work is also required to have KITAS work permit in Indonesia.

In employment matters, Indonesia protects Indonesian citizenship workers. Thus, when there are foreign workers who want to work in Indonesia must meet the various requirements and procedures that have been established. It aims to avoid unhealthy competence between Indonesian citizens and foreign workers.

1. Foreign Workers Requirements

To become a foreign worker in Indonesia must meet the following requirements:

  • Have an education in accordance with the terms of occupation or occupation that will be occupied.
  • Creating a statement letter shall transfer its expertise to the Assistant as evidenced by the report on the implementation of education and training.
  • Having a Taxpayer Identification Number for Foreign Workers who have worked for more than six months.
  • Have proof of insurance policy with insurance which have legal status of Indonesia.
  • Participate in the National Social Security for Foreign Workers who work more than six months.
  • Have a certificate of competence or work experience in accordance with occupation or occupation to be occupied by Foreign Workers at least five years.
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Foreign Workers in Indonesia may not occupy positions in charge of certain personnel or assigned positions. This can be interpreted as only certain positions that can be occupied by Foreign Workers. To become a Foreign Worker in Indonesia must meet the various requirements of documents required in addition to KITAS work permit in Indonesia. The following list of documents is required:

  1. Photocopy of Foreign Workers Passport.
  2. Photocopy of Judicial Decree.
  3. Photocopy of Taxpayer Identification Number.
  4. Copy of Foreign Workers’ Diploma.
  5. Photocopy of Curriculum Vitae of Foreign Workers.
  6. Foreign Workers are required to pay Skill Development Funds and Skills.
  7. Compulsory Report of Employment according to Law.
  8. Foreign Workers’ Companion includes a copy of Identity Card, Email, and phone number.
  9. Photo of Foreign Workers with Red Background.
  10. Attach the legality of the Foreign Workers Guarantor Company, among others:
  • Photocopy of Company Establishment Deed.
  • Photocopy of Trading Business License for Foreign Investment Company.
  • Copy of Company Registration Certificate.
  • Letter of the Company Letter as many as fifteen Sheets.
  • Organizational structure of the company.
  • Photocopy of Company Domicile.
  • KITAS work permit in Indonesia

There are various documents that must be met to manage the KITAS for Foreign Workers:

2. Draft Use of Foreign Workers

The Procuring Entity shall propose a Foreign Employment Use Plan which is a plan to hire Foreign Workers in certain positions made by a foreign worker for a specified period of time authorized by the Minister or the relevant official. In general, the Draft Use of Foreign Workers may be granted to the Procuring Entity for a maximum period of five years and may be extended for the same period, taking into account domestic labor market conditions.

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However, under certain circumstances the Design of Foreign Workers may be granted in a short period of time and cannot be extended depending on the nature and type of work required by the Procuring Entity. The Draft Use of Foreign Workers may be provided for temporary employment and may be granted within a period of six months. The draft Use of Foreign Workers for emergency work is provided for a maximum period of one month.

  • Vitas

VITAS is a must-have license for Foreign Workers who will stay in Indonesia. This VITAS application is submitted to the Directorate General of Immigration at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights by enclosing a guarantee letter from the guarantor, photocopy of the national passport, evidence of having living expenses for himself and / or his family while in Indonesia.

Other documents include; a letter of recommendation from a government agency or agency in respect of activities to be undertaken by the Foreign Workers and the data of the guarantor. This FY or Vitas recommendation is valid for a period of two months after it is issued and can be maintained within seven working days. The approved TA 01 recommendations form the basis for obtaining a Limited Stay Visa.

  • Permission of Hiring Foreign Workers
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Employers of Foreign Workers may apply for a Permit on Hiring Foreign Workers after obtaining a VITAS recommendation. The application shall include a copy of the draft agreement, a copy of the insurance policy, a copy of the notice concerning the approval of the visa, a proof of payment of compensation for the use of Foreign Workers through a government bank appointed by the relevant Minister, and a 4×6 color photo of two sheets.

Other important documents that are also needed to manage the KITAS for Foreign Workers are as follows:

    1. Work Permit Recommendation.
    2. Reporting the presence of Foreign Workers.
    3. Certificate of self-report.
    4. Certificate of Residence.
    5. Letter Signs Report.
    6. Limited Stay Permit Card.
    7. Temporary Population Reporting.

For the process of administering KITAS work permit in Indonesia for approximately fifty-one days after all these requirements are completed and processed.

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