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Investment in Indonesia 2018, Promising Sectors

Investment in Indonesia 2018 – Indonesia as one of the world’s most populated countries is living a dynamic life in many aspects. Trends are frequently changing. The huge population and the changing trends are essentials factors that people in the country are great consumers of services and products. Moreover, Indonesia is a large archipelago with thousands of islands spread over its ocean.

Promising investment sectors can be found from its most modern spots to its remote areas. Therefore, to equally develop the life among areas, great numbers of sectors need to be improved. This is a natural call for capital owner around the globe to invest in the country. Investment in Indonesia 2018 is still promising yet challenging.

The Urge of Infrastructure

Available infrastructure in Indonesia is unfortunately still insufficient to support ideal modernization. This, however, is also opportunity for capital owner to invest their fund. The government is highly committed to improve basic yet modern facilities around the country, especially for the eastern part. Toll roads, bridges, airports, ports, and electricity are among the main priorities under construction.

Simpler regulation in conducting business allows foreign investors to have more involvement in business. Infrastructure is one good option since it is necessary to develop in many ways over great areas of Indonesia. Improvement in infrastructure will even attract more investors and open more opportunities in the country.

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Opportunities in Leisure Industry

Among viable sectors in investment in Indonesia 2018 is tourism industry. More and more people seek for leisure activities. Entertainment and tourism construct major part in this industry. Potential tourism spots spread over the most west to the most east part of the country line. The exotic cultures and beautiful landscape attract international tourists to visit. This means that hotel demands are high.

Major cities in Indonesia have been promising places for foreign investors to open international hotel chains. It is a big opportunity for investors to involve in this sector. However, since most of the international tourists arrive in Indonesia through Jakarta, Bali, and Batam, these three island become the hottest spot for tourism industry. Interested investors surely face a tight competition that they have to appear with distinct concept and creativity to establish their business here.

Government highly support the tourism potential in order to improve the country’s economy. Therefore, the infrastructure improvement is in the main priority list. The construction of infrastructure makes most beautiful areas around the country become easier to access and more enjoyable. More hotels are easily found, more toll roads to reach numbers of destinations, more electricity installation, clean water, more convenient ports and airports, and also bridges.

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To even increase more attraction, the government has issued a visa-free regulation for more than one hundred countries. This is meant to answer the already high interest of international arrival which is believed to increase steadily every year.

Domestic tourists too, are target for investors to set up or develop their already exist business. Great numbers of local travelers enjoy leisure industry in their home country, mainly for holiday or business purpose. Thus, it is clear that leisure industry and all supporting facilities are undoubtedly promising for international investment.

Opportunity in Maritime

Maritime is Indonesia’s nature potential since long time ago. Not only it has a great ocean, but also islands surround it have abundant of natural resources. Now, maritime industry is still highly attractive for investment in Indonesia 2018. In order to improve the country’s economy through maritime potential, the government intends to develop shipping industry. The related parties target the number increase of national shipbuilding in the construction process with larger capacity.

Also, they target increase in the national shipbuilding productivity in delivery and docking process to consume shorter time.  Now, the shipping industry is continue to develop. The availability of national shipbuilding which support world class industry is increased. However, to reach optimal maritime growth, government also target domestic needs. The development and growth of national ship component is increased to supply local demands.

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Opportunities in Daily Basis Technology

The country’s high population and modernization era of wireless connection have driven relatively new necessity in Indonesia. Daily basis technology is recently in the high potential of investment in Indonesia 2018. These technology improvements include e-commerce, application developers, and internet service providers.

Indonesia has the highest number of social media users. Since e-commerce allows companies to make personal reach to their targets, this makes the country a prospect for foreign investors to start up the business. The government also notes this potential by giving a full foreign ownerships.

Along with e-commerce, daily basis internet application is on high demand. The most interesting fact is, often time technology expertise is not the prior requirement. You have to appear with a strong, unique concept of application to acquire the market challenge.

Those wireless trend will be useless without qualified internet access. High number of internet user in Indonesia need speedy connection. Therefore, business opportunity as internet service provider is on the market.

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