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Set up Business in Jakarta

Set up Business in Jakarta

Set up Business in Jakarta – A business is an organization that sells goods or services to consumers for profit. Historically the business word of the “business” from the basic word meaningful in the context of individuals, communities, or communities. In the sense, busy working on activities and jobs that generate profits. You can try to set up business in Jakarta.

In a capitalist economy, where most businesses are privately owned, businesses are formed to gain profit and increase the prosperity of their owners. Owners and operators of a business receive rewards according to the time, effort, or capital they provide.

But not all businesses refer to such advantages, such as cooperative business that aims to improve the welfare of all members or government institutions aimed at improving the welfare of the people. This business model is in contrast to the socialistic system, where large businesses are generally owned by governments, the general public, or unions.

Although the forms of business ownership vary by country, there are several forms that are considered public:

  1. An Individual is a business whose holdings are held by one person. Owners of sole proprietorship have full responsibility for company property.
  2. The Guild is a form of business in which two or more persons work together to run a company for profit. Just like a sole proprietor, every ally (fellowship member) has unlimited responsibility for company property. Fellowship can be grouped into commander and firm partnerships.
  3. The Company is a business whose holdings are held by several persons and supervised by the board of directors. Each owner has limited liability on company property.
  4. a cooperative is a business that has members of the people or legal entities cooperative with the basis of its activities based on the principle of cooperatives as well as the people’s economic movement based on the principle of kinship. The purpose of the cooperative is to welfare its members. which distinguishes cooperatives with other business entities is a member of the cooperative has a double identity. Which means members of the cooperative is the owner and user of cooperative services.
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For those of you who will set up business in Jakarta can consider the choice of business sector that still developing in Jakarta, including:

a) Business of Food and Cake Industry

The development of culinary world in Indonesia increasingly rapidly. The Central Bureau of Statistics noted that the number of companies in the food industry increased significantly. The cake and pastry business as part of the culinary world shows astonishing stretch. Pastry in Indonesia, especially in big cities like in Jakarta, he said, has become a lifestyle. Evident from the many cafes and tent stalls serving a variety of processed cakes and bread.

b) Clothing or Textile Business

This textile or apparel industry is a business that is easy to develop and has a wide market. This is because the need for renewal of clothing models continues to grow and consumer desires continue to improve. Thus, the business is suitable for development in big cities. You can start to set up business in Jakarta.

c) Furniture Industry and Furniture Business

In the development of national industry, furniture and handicraft industry is one of the priority industries that produce high value-added products, global competitive, as a producer of foreign exchange of the country and absorb the workforce in significant amount and supported by raw material sources of wood, rattan and bamboo.

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The competitiveness of Indonesia’s furniture and handicraft industries in the global market lies in the sustainable and sustainable source of natural materials and is supported by a diversity of styles and designs that are characteristically local and supported by competent human resources.

d) Shoe and Bag Industry Business

Shoe business is very promising to run at this time because it is a lot of goods are interested. Various types of shoes can be made and sold like leather shoes, boots, roller skates, party shoes, and men and women and children’s shoes. An enormous market share that makes home-based shoe and big industry will always be profitable and prospect is pretty bright. The market share is not only national but can also be exported abroad.

The advantage of the shoe business in addition to the vast market share and the large selection of producers, this business can also be run as a small business with even minimal or zero capital. You simply armed with catalogs or brochures provided by the shoe making factory which is then circulated to a number of friends and the immediate environment. If there are people who order shoes, then you can contact the factory to inquire the availability of stock of the goods. You can take advantage of the down payment given from the sale of the shoes.

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e) Urban Transport Services Business

The main need of this business and business is the transportation of a family size car of carry. To begin, there is no need to find a new car, because the former with sufficient quality is enough for this business. The purchase cost is around 35 million rupiahs to 80 million rupiahs.

Also calculate the cost of car maintenance such as regular servicing, change oil, change tires every few kilometers, and some other parts that need care. In addition, calculate also that the age of vehicles over two years usually requires extra care costs.

Therefore, urban transport business generally requires a fairly high working hours, approximately 5.000 kilometers per month. In addition, also prepare annual duties such as vehicle tax and vehicle insurance duty. The employee needed here is usually a driver. You also have to take care of the licensing issues and also prepare the illegal levies that are often asked in the city transportation business. This type of business is suitable to be applied in big city. So, you can try to set up business in Jakarta.

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