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Company registration Indonesia – In today’s era of globalization, information has a strategic role both for business and government in determining public policy. The Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Industry and Trade has basically anticipated this development through Law no. 3 of 1982 concerning Obligation of Company Register which was enacted on February 1, […]

Every company within the territory of Indonesia is obliged to do a company registration Indonesia. This registration aims to record the number of growing companies in Indonesia, regulate and protect the rights and obligations of the company. Companies that do not register may be subject to punishment. In addition, of course the company will not […]

Many people will start to wonder how long to set up a company in Indonesia. Fortunately now the prospective owners of the company, because since the set of Policy Package XII, build business much easier and faster. This arrangement expects to enhance the standard of proficient, simple and incorporated business authorizing administrations without dismissing great […]