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Terms You Must Know about Company Registration Indonesia

Terms You Must Know about Company Registration Indonesia

Every company within the territory of Indonesia is obliged to do a company registration Indonesia. This registration aims to record the number of growing companies in Indonesia, regulate and protect the rights and obligations of the company. Companies that do not register may be subject to punishment. In addition, of course the company will not be recognized by the state. After registration, the company will get a list of companies.

Company Registration Certificate is a proof that the company or business entity has compulsory list of companies based on Act Number 3 of 1982 concerning Obligation of Company Register and authorized by authorized officer from company registration office.

Purpose of Company Registration

Company registration Indonesia must be done within three months after the company has started running their business. The party entitled to issue a list of companies is a company office or industry office located in each city or district.

The Corporate Register is intended to record the correct information made from a company and is the official source of information for all interested parties regarding identity, data and other information about the company listed in the Company Register in order to ensure certainty of business.

The purposes of the company register are:

  • Record the information of a company that includes identity, data and other information about the company.
  • Provide official information to all interested parties.
  • Ensuring business certainty.
  • Creating a healthy business climate for the business world.
  • Creation of transparency in business activities.
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The Company Register is open to all parties. What is meant by the open nature is that the Company Register can be used by third parties as a source of information.

Administrative Requirements in Corporate Registration

  1. CV, Firma, and Cooperative
  •  Completed filled form.
  •  Copy of certificate of incorporation of the company.
  •  Domicile or company address.
  •  Approval of the deed of the district court.
  •  Photocopy of identity card of the responsible person and other commander’s allies.
  •  Photocopy of Tax Registration Number Card
  •  Copy of identity card in charge of cooperatives.
  •  Copy of Trading Business License or other technical permit.
  1. Individual Company
  •  Completed filled form.
  •  Copy of certificate of domicile of the company.
  •  Copy of Trading Business License or other technical permit.
  •  Photocopy of Tax ID Number Card
  1. Limited Liability Company
  •  Completed filled form.
  •  Documents of original amendment and photo copy.
  •  Copy of deed of incorporation and deed of amendment.
  •  Documents of original deed and photocopy.
  •  Report data of original deed and photo copy.
  •  Photocopy of certificate of incorporation or amendment of the Department of Justice and Human Rights as well as the original documents.
  •  Copy of company domicile.
  •  Copy of identity card of the board, commissioner and shareholder.
  •  Copy of Trading Business License or other technical permit.
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Company Registration Indonesia Procedures

Company registration Indonesia is done by filling out the registration form that has been determined by the minister in the office where the company registration, usually also can be done in the office of industry and trade.

Submission of registration form conducted at company registration office, including:

  1. On the premises of the company office.
  2. In the domicile of any branch office, subsidiary office or auxiliary office of the company.
  3. In the domicile of each agent office and also the representative of the company having the authority to enter into the agreement.

 If due to a thing, which makes the company cannot be registered in these places, then registration can be done at the office of registration of the capital city of the provincial company where the company stays at.

 A company that has been enrolled in the register of a company shall be given a list of companies which may be valid for a period of five years from the date of issuance of the license and which must be renewed at least three months before its expiry date.

If you find it difficult to register a company, you can ask for help from a service bureau or a legal firm that deals specifically with this case. Of course you should be careful in choosing the service bureau or legal firm. Look for a trusted bureau or legal firm for your company’s survival.

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The progress and improvement of national development in general and the development of economic activity in particular which causes the development of the business world and company, require the existence of Company Register. The register is the official source of information for all interested parties concerning the identity and matters concerning the business world and established company, working and domiciled in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

The existence of the Company Registration Indonesia is important for the Government to conduct guidance, direction, supervision and create a healthy business climate. The legal recording of the company will also facilitate the government in monitoring the economic growth in the community.

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