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Set up Business in Jakarta

Set up Business in Jakarta

Set up Business in Jakarta – Business is a process of repetition that creates and provides benefits (Values) to meet the needs & wants of a particular group of people (Marketing), at a reasonable price they are willing to exchange (Sales), so as to satisfy their needs and needs (Values ​​Delivery or Distribution) generate sufficient Profit for the continuity of business operations (Financial).

The key to operating a business or company is to create a system. This system will automatically make the company has the right business cycle so it can become a solid business building. Business systems can also be referred to as a group of components or elements incorporated into a single entity to achieve a business goal that is to gain profit or profit. This also applies when you want to set up business in Jakarta.

  1. Category of Business Entities

Broadly speaking, business entities can be categorized as follows:

  • Trading Company
  • Firm
  • CV (Comanditaire Venotschaap)
  • Limited liability company “PT”
  • Cooperative
  • Foundation, other Forms of Representative Business Representative, and which we discussed is the establishment of PT in Jakarta.
  1. Limited Liability Company “PT”

A company whose capital is in the form of shares. Here are the characteristics of Limited Liability Company “PT”:

  • Regulated in a Limited Liability Company Law NO. 40 Year 2007.
  • Established by at least 2 persons or Personal law.
  • have a minimum of basic capital.
  • Minimum paid-up capital to company’s cash 25% of minimum authorized capital.
  • The ultimate responsibility of shareholders.
  • Established by Deed of Establishment by Notary and valid since legalized by the Minister of Justice. This is also true in the set up business in Jakarta.
  • Act individually the law.
  1. Terms of Establishment of PT

  • Copy of identity card of the founders, at least 2 people.
  • Copy of Family Card, if the person in charge or President Director of woman.
  • Copy of Tax ID Number “NPWP” Personal Responsible or President Director.
  • Copy of Certificate of Domicile from the Building Manager, if the company is domiciled in the building.
  • Pas photo of President Director, Size 3 × 4 = 2 Colored sheets.
  1. The following Stages in The Establishment of PT

  • Fill out the PT Form Establishment form, fill out the form of PT Establishment as follows:
    1. Name of company
    2. Company Address 3. No phone company
    3. The composition of the Company’s Board of Directors (Commissioners and Directors)
    4. Class company (Small / Medium / Large)
    5. Field of Business in SIUP (Trading Business License)
    6. Field of Business in TDP (Corporate Registry)
    7. Amount of Company’s Authorized Capital
    8. The Company’s Total Capital of the Company
  • Register the name of PT.
  • Drafting of Deed of Establishment of PT by Notary, this draft should be read and understood by the founders. requirement in making the deed of establishment of PT is Photo Copy of board / founder of PT. Long process of dealing with PT 2 to 3 working days’ certificate.
  • Making Company Domicile Letter. This Domicile Letter is required to manage the SIUP because the components of the file within the PT are interrelated. Length of process 2-3 working days.
  • Creating Tax ID Number “NPWP” Company. The NPWP Number of the Company is issued by the Head of Tax Service Office in accordance with the domicile of the company. For corporate taxpayers, the required documents include:
    1. Deed of Establishment and its amendment.
    2. Resident Identity Card is still in charge.
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The Taxpayer shall be given a Certificate of Registration (SKT) and NPWP Card shall be submitted no later than 1 (one) working day after receipt of the complete application.

  • On the issuance of the Decree of PT signed by on behalf of Minister of Justice.
  • Making Trading Permit Letter “SIUP” is a license to be able to run a trading business activity. Any company, cooperative, partnership or individual company, conducting trading business activities shall obtain SIUP issued based on the company’s domicile. It is important to set up business in Jakarta.
  • Company Registration Certificate “TDP” is proof that the Company or Business Entity has performed the Corporate Register for five years from the date of issuance.
  1. Business Management

Business management is very important because through it, administration and finance will be more neat, increase product sales, and employee performance will be more optimal. So business management is done not just pursuing profit alone though it is the people who move the business hoping to gain big profits and through the benefits that they can get what they want.

Managing with a professional can be said a duty, especially for the businessman. Business can be interpreted as a management of production or service that aims to be marketed to the many people in need in return for money. So this business is always associated with profit and money. No one wants their business to lose money so they have to be smart in operating the business. And to avoid any losses, you need to operate the business with professional management.

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This management means as a matter of utilizing goods or services to be used as new goods so as to generate profit and more benefits to the managers. In conclusion business management is deliberately used to set the business so that it can generate maximum profits for the business owner. Business management becomes one part of the set up business in Jakarta.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    I come from Malaysia.

    I am interested to register a company in Indonesia,

    The company is to provide Physical Training to teenagers in Indonesia.

    Can I wholly own it ? Or I need local Indonesian as local partner ?

    Thank you.


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