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Requirements Document Establish Local Company Indonesia

Requirements Document Establish Local Company Indonesia

Requirements Document Establish Local Company Indonesia – A local or domestic company is a business unit whose operational level and market share are within a single territory without crossing national borders. This type of company is still simple and not complex because it only takes into account the various variables that apply around it ranging from small compensation, corporate culture, labor recruitment, market analysis, and so forth. Unlike Multinational companies.

A multi-national business enterprise is a company that has several factories established in different countries. to survive and succeed must be able to adjust to the culture in each country entered. By setting up many production units in other countries, expectations can cut production costs and product distribution to the hands of final consumers.

Meanwhile, an international business Company is a business unit that has expanded or expanded the production and marketing of products both goods and services abroad from its home country.

Sometimes This should be done by a business company at a time when the existing market in the country already in a phase of saturation, so it is difficult to be able to grow bigger. companies must be able to adapt in all areas with cultural culture in the local country so as not to cause social problems when entering the international market. In establishing the company must meet the requirements document establish local company Indonesia.

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1. Elements of the Company

  • Business entities to be established.
  • Looking for Advantages to prosper.
  • Activities in the field of economy.
  • Bookkeeping done during the company runs.
  • Open in running the business.
  • Continuous production, distribution, and other business activities.
  • Fixed and structured.

2. Types of Companies

  • Type of company based on business field. extractive companies engaged in the field of natural wealth taking. Companies that work by way of cultivating land / fields are agricultural companies. Companies that process raw and semi-finished goods into finished goods or increase their useful value are industrial companies. Companies engaged in trading terms are trading companies. Service company is a company engaged in services.
  • Type of company by ownership. State-owned companies are Companies established and capitalized by the state. Companies that are established and capitalized by their members are cooperative companies. Companies founded and capitalized by a group of people from outside the company is a private company.
  • Type of company based on legal status owned. a company that can be owned by a private or a state, may be a partnership company is a Legal Entity Company. This type of company is established and owned by several private entrepreneurs both as well as state that meets the requirements as a legal entity. Examples include; Limited Liability Company (PT), Cooperative, Public Company, Limited Liability Company. Furthermore, a Non-Legal Company, a company held by a private company, may be a sole proprietorship or partnership company.
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Non-Legal Company is a private company built and owned by several entrepreneurs in the form of cooperation, this type of company can run business in the field of economy, namely; industry, trade, and striving. Examples include; Individual Company, Civil Association, Firma, CV. In establishing a company, must meet the requirements document establish local company Indonesia.

3. Documents to Establish Limited Liability Company

To manage the establishment of Limited Liability Company requires the Requirements document establish local company Indonesia, among others:

  • Photocopy of the responsible family card.
  • Tax Registration Number of Responsible Person.
  • Copy of identity card of shareholders and management, at least 2 persons.
  • Photograph the person in charge.
  • Copy of Land Tax Building last year according to the company’s domicile and the proof of payment.
  • Copy of Contract or Lease of Office or proof of ownership of place of business.
  • Certificate of Domicile from the manager of the Building if domiciled in the Office Building.
  • Company seal.
  • Photo of the front-of-the-box office, it appears that this is generally done to facilitate the survey location for PKP or SIUP.

4. Documents for Establishing a CV or Comanditaire Venotschap or Communion Guild

To take care of the creation of a Commendatory Guild, the following documents are required:

  1. Photocopy of identity card of the founders with at least 2 persons.
  2. Copy of the Responsible or Director Family Card.
  3. 3X4 color photo in charge person, 2 pieces.
  4. Copy of the UN last year according to company domicile.
  5. Copy of contract or office lease or proof of ownership of place of business.
  6. Certificate of Domicile from the manager of the Building if domiciled in the Office Building.
  7. Offices are located in an Office or Plaza or are not in a residential area.
  8. Photo office looks front, looks deep. Usually this is done to facilitate the time survey location for PKP or SIUP.
  9. Ready in survey.
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A company is any form of business that carries out any kind of business that has stable, fixed and long-term nature as well as an established, working and domiciled entity in Indonesia that aims to gain profit or profit as much as possible and its stance must meet the requirements document establish local company Indonesia.

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