12Nov 2017
China Investment in Indonesia

China investment in Indonesia – Last January, Head of the Investment Coordinating Board Thomas Trikasih Lembong announced during 2016, Indonesia received foreign direct investment (FDI) from China of 2.7 billion US dollars (Republika, January 25, 2017). If coupled with foreign direct investment from Hong Kong, China’s autonomous region where there are many large Chinese companies controlling […]

11Oct 2017
Procedure to establish a company in Indonesia

Procedure to establish a company in Indonesia – The company is an organization founded by a person or can also be a group of people to conduct production activities which then do the distribution to meet the economic needs of human beings so that obtained profits. Production and distribution activities are done by combining various […]

09Oct 2017
Angel investor Indonesia

Angel investor Indonesia – In recent years, start-up business has grown increasingly in Indonesia, particularly in the capital city. This increase is not separated from the role of angel investors who are willing to inject capital for the new business. One of the angel investor Indonesia is Angel Investment Network Indonesia (ANGIN). As is known, […]