09Oct 2017
About foreign investment in Indonesia

About foreign investment in Indonesia – The Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board is confident of achieving an investment realization target of 670 trillion rupiah in 2017 and 840 trillion rupiah in 2018. The target is set by President Joko Widodo. To that end, the Investment Coordinating Board of Indonesia will hold investment promotion in several countries. […]

09Oct 2017
An Overview of Incorporation in Indonesia

Incorporation in Indonesia¬†– If you seriously intend to manage your business grows strongly and professionally, incorporating is the answer. Here is an overview of incorporation in Indonesia for your consideration. Managing the business individually means you as the owner is in charge of all aspects in the company. Those aspects ranging from capital source, profit […]

03Oct 2017
Incorporation of Limited Liability Company

¬†Incorporation of Limited Liability Company – For entrepreneurs or foreign investors, establishing a company in Indonesia requires a long and arduous process. This problem is one of the biggest difficulties for investors in establishing companies in Indonesia.Many things that are needed in the process of establishing a company in Indonesia, among others, registration of establishment […]

27Sep 2017
Foreign Investment In Indonesia

Foreign Investment – Historically the existence of foreign investment in Indonesia is actually not a new phenomenon, given the foreign capital has been made in Indonesia since the colonial era. However foreign investment in the colonial era is different with foreign investment after independence, because the purpose of foreign investment in the colonial era is […]