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Benefits PT Company and Setup Company in Jakarta

Benefits PT Company and Setup Company in Jakarta

Setup Company in Jakarta – The company is the site of the production activities and the gathering of all production factors. Every company is listed in the government and some are not. For companies listed in the government, they have a business entity for the company. The managers of the company begin to realize that the office or administrative part is the heart of the company, the center of activity of the company is in the administration.

Each company’s operations will always be related to the administration section. So by either fixing or administering the administration properly, the positive impact will spread throughout. Need to put people who have high ability both in technical and managerial. Because in addition to technical activities that are operational, activity in the office is also strategic. Today’s modern offices prefer people with high-tech skills to be assigned office managers. This makes it easy to setup company in Jakarta. The establishment of PT type companies has many benefits.

  1. Benefits of Establishing PT in Indonesia for Your Business

  • Obvious Securities Segregation
    The fun of establishing a PT is that the obligations of each founder of PT is clearly limited to the capital that is deposited to PT. Thus, if PT loses, the founder’s obligations are limited only to the amount of paid-up capital, and do not cover the personal property of the respective founders of PT. This is different from business in person, group, firm or CV, where the business owner can be required to account for personal property if the business suffers loss.
  • Use of the PT Name is protected by Law
    Other with other business entities, the election of the name of the PT must be approved by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights. If approved, the name of the PT you specify shall no longer be used by any other party, whether of naming the PT or a trademark. Because, in the provisions of the registration of the brand mentioned that a brand should not use the name of a legal entity such as PT.
  • Legitimacy from the Government
    Based on Law number 40/2007, the type and business activities and procedures for the conduct of PT activities are regulated in articles of association made in the notarial deed and must be registered and authorized by Ministry of Justice. Other than a business entity that is not in the form of a legal entity (Firma, CV, Civil Alliance, etc.), founders’ articles of association does not require ratification by the minister of justice. In order to comply with the principle of publicity, the deed of establishment of a business entity is sufficiently registered with the court clerk in accordance with the domicile of the business entity. This also applies to setup company in Jakarta.
  • Easier to Obtain and Manage Large Funds
    The clear separation of property within PT makes the owner of PT easy to obtain and manage large amounts of funds, especially capital from other parties. The owner of shares in the PT may sell its shares to the investor to increase the capital of the business because the capital of PT is clearly divided into clear shares of each ownership percentage.
  • The structure of PT also allows PT owners to cooperate with investors for business development. The shares held under PT also include voting rights in the General Meeting of Shareholders “GMS”, which affects the development of PT.
  • No Time Limit
    The PT has no operating deadline. even if the name of PT replaced, or the owner and management out PT or died, as long as the PT is still able to operate and conduct business activities, it can continue its business in Indonesia.
  • Advantages and Professionals
    PT in carrying out its business is run by three organs of PT, that is General Meeting of Shareholder “GMS”, Board of Commissioner, and Board of Directors. Each organ has a clear task and function in running the PT, compared to businesses that are run in private, in groups, or in the form of firm or CV.
  1. Key Elements of the Company

In establishing a company must also meet the various important elements of the company. Here are the elements in the company:

  • Business entity. The Company has certain forms, whether in the form of legal entity or non-legal entity. Examples are Trading Companies, Firm, CV, Limited Liability Company, Public Company, Company and Cooperative.
  • Activities in the economic field, covering the areas of industry, trade, mergers, and financing.
  • Continuously, means business activities are conducted as livelihoods, not incidental and not odd jobs.
  • Fixed. Meaning that the business activities undertaken do not change or change in a short time, but for a long time.
  • Obviously, the maximum business activity is directed to and known by the public, freely related to other parties, acknowledged and justified by the government under the law.
  • Profits and or profits, means the goal of the company is to earn profit and or profit.
  • Bookkeeping. Meaning that the company is obliged to hold records of obligations and rights related to its business activities.
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Standing companies must also be properly managed in order to achieve the desired goals. Thus, good management is needed to manage the company. Understanding management according to managerial point of view is the process of procurement and use of facilities and resources to achieve goals or targets that have been determined in an effective and efficient way.

As a process of achieving goals, then in its activities need strategy or managerial steps are often referred to as management functions. In general, there are four management functions that are planning, organizing, actuating, and controlling that become part of setup company in Jakarta.

  1. Planning, including the process of setting goals and how to achieve those goals.
  2. Organizing, after determining the goal and making the program how to achieve it, then the manager should immediately design and develop the organization that will run the program properly. Each company needs different types of organizations according to their respective objectives. So the type of organization needed is in line with its purpose. For example, the organization of another college with a convection company.
  3. Actuating, after planning, establishing an organizational structure and work placement, the next step is to direct the organization’s path to reach the goal. In other words, invite or move an organization member to do the work in a way that will help it to achieve its goals.
  4. Controlling. This control function includes 3 things, namely:
  • Measure achievement and compare it with predefined standards.
  • Setting performance standards.
  • Take action for corrections on achievements that do not meet the standards. It aims to facilitate setup company in Jakarta.

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