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Technology Updates for Register Company in Indonesia

Technology Updates for Register Company in Indonesia

Register Company in Indonesia – The biggest difficulty in establishing a company in Indonesia is the long and tedious process of bureaucracy for register company in Indonesia. But now the Ministry of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform announced through RRI that the time required for company registration in Indonesia now takes only six working days (theoretically) from the previous one is about 53 working days.

During the six days there will be several ongoing processes, including online registration to establish a corporation in the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, obtaining SIUP and TDP licenses in the Ministry of Trade, applying for manpower permission in the Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration and applying for participation in the Management Social Security.

Minister also explained that the Indonesian government has made improvements in other sectors. Some of these improvements include the establishment of civil lawsuits, preparing electricity infrastructure, registration of land and building rights, building permits, payment of tax and insurance premiums, settlement of bankruptcy issues, and business disputes.

This is certainly good news for anyone who wants to establish a company in Indonesia. In addition, the Indonesian government is also developing several online tools such as Reporting, an online tool that allows citizens to report government officials who violate the rules – and One Service – an online directory for all government services.

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Regulation of the Minister of Trade concerning the Implementation of Company Registration, stipulates that the list of companies is a list of official records held according to or under the provisions of Law number 3/1982 About Register of Companies hereinafter referred to as UU-WDP and or its implementing regulations and contains matters that must be registered by each company and authorized by the competent authorities of the Company Registration Office.

The provisions of this Law which must register the company are any company in the form of Limited Liability Company, Cooperative, CV, Firm Individual, and Other Forms of Business, including Foreign Office with status Head Office, Single Office, Branch Office, Sub-Office, Subsidiary which is domiciled and runs its business in the territory of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, and must register in the list of companies within three months since the start of the company its business activities, with the provisions of register company in Indonesia as follows:

  1. Registering a company may be made by the owner, the management, the person in charge, or by the authorization of a legitimate company at the KKP of the Regency or City or Municipality where the company is established, but the power of attorney here cannot be used as a proxy to sign the company registration form;
  2. Register the company by filling out the company registration form with the required documents for establishment of a company. This provision also applies to registering companies by company agents or subsidiaries.
  3. For Limited Company or Corporation hence company registration form signed by board or responsible company, while for Cooperative, CV, Firma, Individual, and Other Forms company registration form signed by owner, officer, or person in charge of the company;
  4. Registration of a company will be authorized and issued by the Head of KKP Regency or City or Municipality no later than three working days counted from the registration form and the required documents are received correctly and completely and without any administration fee at all or with zero rupiah. This document is required to register company in Indonesia.
  5. Company Registration Certificates (TDP) issued on the form of companies using colored forms, and any company that has received a TDP Company Registration Certificate in a place that is readable and publicly viewable and a TDP number should be posted on the company’s signboard and documents which is used in all of its business activities.
  6. Company Registration Certificate (TDP) is valid for a period of five years commencing from the date of issuance of TDP and must be updated by filling out the registration form by enclosing the original TDP original documents to be updated without having to re-attach the document requirements that have been submitted at the time of prior registration no later than three months before the expiry of the TDP shall be issued, accompanied by administrative costs, and renewal of the TDP shall be issued by the Head of the Regency or Municipal KPP no later than three working days after the receipt of the correct application for renewal and complete.
  7. Your company registration may also be rejected. The rejection of Company registration may occur if the Company Registration Form is incorrect and or incomplete. The denial of registration of this company is submitted in writing to the company by KKP Regency or City or Municipality no later than 3 (days) of work calculated since receipt of registration form of the company accompanied by reason of rejection. Upon receipt of the letter of rejection of the registration of such company, you shall promptly make corrections and/or complete the requirements documents no later than ten working days as from the receipt of the letter of rejection of the company registration. If you exceed the specified time limit, you must re-register by filling out the re-registration form.
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So a review on how to register a company in Indonesia. May be useful for register company in Indonesia.

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