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Register Company Online Indonesia and How to Apply SIUP Online

Register Company Online Indonesia – The Government facilitates the process of starting a business in Indonesia in terms of requirements of making the Company, whether in the form of PT and CV made easier. In addition to lowering the authorized capital, the government also provides ease in handling SIUP and TDP online which can be completed within two business days.

The goal is that the process of starting a business in Indonesia is made easier, so the government has issued a number of new rules and policies. Starting from the provisions of the authorized capital of PT that can be less than 50 million and the amount depends on the agreement of its founders. Another regulatory amendment is the abolition of business domicile certificate for business licensing in Jakarta. This makes register company online Indonesia easier.

1. How to Register SIUP Online

Trade Business License or in the Indonesian language abbreviated as “SIUP”, is a Letter of Permit from the government to be able to carry out trading business activities. Meanwhile, the meaning of this trade itself is a business activity of goods or services transactions that are carried out continuously with the purpose of transferring the right to goods or services accompanied by rewards.

Any Company conducting trade business activities shall have SIUP. You can register directly through the website of One Stop Integrated Service Agency or also called “BPTSP”. Here’s how to apply for SIUP online:

  • Register by creating an account online through the Jakarta BPTSP website by registering the company’s email address used. After that, the system will send a notification to the new applicant to verify the document to the nearest PTSP. It aims to activate the account. Prepare the required documents, which are verified documents, among others; NPWP of company, Identity Card and NPWP from director, and Power of Attorney if necessary to register company online Indonesia.
  • The applicant will receive an activated account. After that, the applicant can upload the requirements document to obtain SIUP and TDP. All documents uploading process must be completed within one hour, if it cannot be completed, it will need to re-upload. Therefore, you must have prepared the necessary documents, among others; deed of establishment, SK Kemenhukham, SKDP, and photo director of the company. All documents must be scanned with a clear resolution before being uploaded to the registration website.
  • The applicant will get the schedule information and get the registration letter and registration form SIUP. Through this website will also get information about the estimated time of taking SIUP and TDP in PTSP. All such documents need to be signed before being handed over physically when taking SIUP and TDP. You must bring a soft copy of a photograph of the person in charge of the company, a copy of the notarial deed and SK Kemenkumham, and a declaration of the position of the business of taking SIUP or TDP.
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The sophistication of this technology makes the process of register online company Indonesia becomes faster and more already. The process of making SIUP online requires a verification process that aims to avoid fraud.

However, if how to make SIUP and TDP online is still quite difficult and still need to come to the PTSP office, then this becomes a homework for the government of Indonesia to provide education to the public. At that time, in the handling of SIUP must understand various types of SIUP. Because SIUP consists of three categories, namely Large SIUP, Medium SIUP, Small SIUP and Micro SIUP.

2. SIUP Category

  1. Small SIUP, shall be owned by a trading company whose net worth is more than fifty million rupiahs up to five hundred million rupiahs and excludes land and building of business premises.
  2. Medium SIUP, must be owned by a trading company whose net worth is more than five hundred million rupiahs up to ten billion rupiahs and excludes land and building of business place.
  3. Large SIUP shall be owned by a trading company whose net worth is more than ten billion rupiahs and excludes land and building of business premises.

3. Company Registration Process

Register company online Indonesia can be done by making SIUP online. Company formation for PT initially had to go through thirteen procedures trimmed into seven procedures. For the cost also experience pruning. In the pruning of this procedure it takes 10 days, initially 47 days and the required permit is only three, i.e. SIUP and TDP issued simultaneously and the deed of establishment which previously required five permits, SIUP, TDP, deed of establishment, business permit, and permit of disturbance. Here are seven ways to set up PT with deregulation:

  1. Submission of company name and payment to name order, as well as issuance of company name permit is done in one service system with two days processing process.
  2. Obtain a standard corporate deed from a notary which takes one business day.
  3. Submission of permit for establishment of legal entity, issuance of license for establishment of legal entity, payment of PNBP, legalization of legal entity.
  4. Submission of SIUP, TDP and BPJS Health online at PTSP.
  5. Registering company in the Department of Labor.
  6. Submission of BPJS Employment listings online.
  7. Obtain the taxpayer’s principal number and VAT Collector Number, Enforcement Number of Taxable Entrepreneurs online. Thus, the procedure to register company online Indonesia becomes easier and faster.
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