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Terms and Procedures KITAS Indonesia

Terms and Procedures KITAS Indonesia

KITAS Indonesia – KITAS is an extension of the Limited Stay Permit Card. In addition to KITAS there is also KITAP, which is a Stay Permit card. This KITAS and KITAP application is submitted to the Head of the Immigration Office or appointed Immigration Officer whose working area.

The legal basis governing it is Law No. 6/2011 on Immigration and Government Regulation No. 31/2013 which has been amended by Government Regulation Number 26/2016. KITAS Indonesia is a document that must be owned by foreigners who want to stay temporarily in Indonesia.

  1. KITAS and KITAP Receivers

This Indonesian KITAS can be given to:

  • Foreigners in the framework of investment or often referred to as “KITAS PMA”.
  • Foreign students.
  • Perform the duties of the foundation or serve as a clergyman.
  • As an expert.
  • As the husband or wife of a Limited Stay Permit holder.
  • Do scientific research.
  • Incorporate yourself with the father and or mother of a Limited Stay Permit or Permanent Stay Permit for a child under the age of eighteen and unmarried.
  • Combine oneself with fathers and or mothers, for children of foreign nationality who have a familial legal relationship with the father and or mother of an Indonesian citizen.
  • An aged traveler.
  • Children who are at the time of birth in the Territory of Indonesia with their father and or mother holds a Limited Stay Permit.
  • Foreigners who became former citizens of Indonesia.
  • The skipper or crew operating in the territorial waters and territories of the Indonesian jurisdiction in accordance with the provisions of the laws and regulations.
  • Foreigner who does a short job.
  • Foreigner who is legally married to an Indonesian citizen.
  • Children from Strangers who are legally married to Indonesian citizens.
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KITAS Indonesia can also be given to Foreigners who do work within 90 days. The time required may be renewed, for extension of Limited Stay Permit shall be granted for a maximum period of 30 days’ subject to the provisions of the entire Permit to Stay in the Territory of Indonesia no later than 180 days. As for KITAP given to:

  • Family because of mixed marriage.
  • Husband, wife, and or child of a Foreigner holding a Permanent Stay Permit.
  • Foreigners who became former citizens of Indonesia and the former became the subject of children dual citizens of the Republic of Indonesia.
  • Foreigners holding Limited Stay Permit as clergy, workers, investors, and elderly.
  • Former subjects of dual citizens of the Republic of Indonesia who choose foreign citizenship.
  • Foreigners can also be given directly without going over status.
  • Indonesian citizens who have lost Indonesian citizenship in the Territory of Indonesia.
  1. Terms KITAS and KITAP

To take care of this KITAS requires various important requirements that must be fulfilled. Because the KITAS receiver is different, the stewardship requirements are also different. The following are important documents that should be prepared as a requirement to administer KITAS for students:

  • Copy of Passport of prospective student or student having validity period more than 18 months.
  • Certificate received at school or university.
  • Copy of certificate of birth of a prospective student or student.
  • Photocopy of Parent Passport.
  • Photocopy of Family Register abroad or Family Card complete with overseas address and name of family member.
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Photocopy of report cards and the last diploma.
  • Special extension KITAS for this student, then attach original documents in the form of passport, KITAS and permission to learn last.
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Requirements for KITAS Indonesia elderly or pension are as follows:

  • Minimum age of 55 years.
  • Photocopy of passport valid for more than 18 Months.
  • Photocopy of Family Register or Family Card Overseas.
  • In good health.
  • Life and Health Insurance.
  • Pas Photo Red Background.
  • Must not work in Indonesia.

For application of status transfer from Limited Stay Permit “KITAS” to Permanent Stay Permit “KITAP” can be submitted by Foreign Workers. The way that is done is to fill in the data application and attach the document as follows:

  • A residence certificate issued by the local Population and Civil Registry Department.
  • Limited License Card “KITAS”.
  • Valid and valid National Passport which implies a Limited Stay Permit.
  • Guarantee Letter from Responsible Person.
  • Identity card and Responsible family card.
  • KITAS or KITAP Responsible person if foreign citizenship;
  • Integration Statement.
  • The power of attorney is sufficiently stamped, in which case the petition is filed by a power of attorney.
  • Permit to hire Foreign Workers from a government agency that carries out government affairs in the field of manpower.
  • The relevant position as the top management of the company or the representative of a foreign company operating in the territory of Indonesia.
  • KITAS which indicates that the person has lived for more than three consecutive years in the territory of Indonesia.
  1. Procedure to Take Care of KITAP

Applications for Permanent Stay Permits may be filed by a Foreigner or a Guarantor or Responsible Person to the Head of the Immigration Office or appointed Immigration Officer whose working area. The procedures for maintaining a Permanent Stay Permit for Foreign Workers are as follows:

  • Fill out the data application form.
  • Passport Nationality valid and still valid.
  • Certificate of domicile.
  • Photocopy of Limited Stay Permit.
  • Recommendations from relevant government agencies or agencies.
  • The integration statement signed by the person concerned.
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Furthermore, the Head of the Immigration Office or Immigration Officer will check the completeness of the KITAP application. When the completion of the completion of the application has been fulfilled and photographed, the Head of the Immigration Office or Immigration Officer shall issue a Permanent Stay Permit within approximately four working days.

A Permanent Stay Permit is granted for a period of five years and may be granted an extension for an indefinite period of time. However, with the provisions of the Residence Permit is not canceled. KITAP and KITAS Indonesia can be owned by foreigners when it meets all the requirements and procedures that have been set.

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