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How to Renew KITAS in Indonesia

How to Renew KITAS in Indonesia

How to renew KITAS in Indonesia – If you are a foreign citizen living in Indonesia, KITAS is a document that you must have in order to stay in this country, unless you want to be expelled. KITAS is a sign that you have business in this country so it must stay temporarily, whether it is for school, work or have business in this country.

For foreign citizens who are new to Indonesia and do not yet know how the bureaucratic system in Indonesia, the business of making and renewing documents can be a confusing thing. If you need information about how to renew KITAS in Indonesia, here it is.

The following are new requirements and extensions in Indonesia for foreigners:

KITAS Requirements for Foreign Labor/TKA:

  1. Copy of Foreign Workers Pass for a minimum period of 18 months
  2. Copy of Foreign Workers’ Diploma
  3. Copy of CV (Curriculum Vitae) of TKA
  4. Foreign Workers shall pay DPKK USD 1200 / Year
  5. Photo TKA (Red Background) Legality of the Company Guarantor of Foreign Workers / Foreign Workers:
  6. Copy of Company Establishment Deed
  7. Copy of Decision Letter of Justice
  8. Copy of Trading Business License
  9. Copy of Taxpayer Identification Number
  10. Copy of Company Registration Certificate
  11. Copy of Company Domicile
  12. Copy of KTP Director
  13. Letterhead of company 15 Sheets
  14. Obligatory Report of Employment / Law N0.7
  15. Company Organization Structure
  16. Foreign Workers Companion: copy of ID card, Email, and phone number
  17. Additional to extend KITAS: passport, KITAS, POA, STM, SKLD, SKPPS, proof of paying old and new DPKK, IMTA and RPTKA attached (only for extension, for new applicant to ignore it)
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KITAS Terms for Family of TKA:

  • Passport valid for more than 18 Months
  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Ta 01 / IMTA TKA
  • Deed of incorporation
  • Judicial Decree
  • Business license
  • Tax ID number
  • Certificate of Company Registration
  • Firm address
  • KTP Director
  • Letterhead of company15 Sheets

KITAS Requirements for Guarantee of Husband/Wife:

  1. Personal identification card of Indonesian Citizen
  2. Family card of Indonesian citizen guarantor
  3. Birth Certificate Underwriter
  4. Marriage Certificate of Civil Registration Guarantor
  5. Copy of foreign marriage certificate
  6. Passport of Indonesian Citizen
  7. Copy of Foreign Passport
  8. Photos of strangers (red background)
  9. Financial Proof of Indonesian Citizen

Condition of State Foreign Certified States:

  1. Copy of applicant’s passport valid for more than 18 months
  2. CV (curriculum vitae) / Resume
  3. Copy of student report and the last diploma
  4. Certificate received at school / University (on letterhead and stample)
  5. Copy of Birth Certificate of student candidate
  6. Copy of Parent Passport
  7. Copy of Family Register overseas / Family Card (complete with overseas address and name of family member)
  8. Specific extensions attach original documents: passports, certificates and recent study permits

Terms of Pension/Capacity Recovery:

  • Minimum age of 55 years
  • Must be able-bodied
  • Passport copy validity of more than 18 Months
  • Must not work in Indonesia
  • Life and Health Insurance
  • Copy Family Register
  • Photo with Red Background
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Description of the Process of How to Renew KITAS in Indonesia

  • First, prepare the documents required above.
  • Step two, take the document to KANIM. Submit all documents to the counter of foreign nationals in KANIM, including passport and KITAS. The canvas party will submit a letter of acceptance file to be brought in the next three days to get a cover letter to the regional office. Three days after the submission of the document we will be asked to return to pick up a cover letter.
  • The third step, it’s time we go to the office of the territory of LAW & Human Rights with a cover letter that has been given by KANIM, submit to the immigration section. We only have to wait for a letter of approval from the regional office and signed by the head of the immigration department. It only takes 30 minutes and the letter is in hand. To get it, we do not need to spend at all alias free.
  • After that, bring back the envelope containing the approval letter from the jurisdiction & Human Rights office to KANIM for processing. Then the officer will inform you when fingerprints and photos for foreigner can be taken.

On the appointed day, foreign nationals must come to KANIM for photographs and fingerprints. We must prepare a sum of eight hundred thousand rupiah for KITAS renewal and a fee of about sixty thousand rupiah for the cost of photographs and biometric fingerprints. After the process of taking photos and fingerprints is completed, officers will be informed when KITAS can be taken.

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On the promised day, please come to pick up KITAS and please continue the extension of SKTTS in the civil registry if it expires, including a driver’s license for foreign nationals. That is the requirement and process of how to renew KITAS in Indonesia. Hope it helps for the needy.

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