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Registration for Foreign Investment in Indonesia – Foreign Investment or “PMA” in Indonesian is a form of investment by building, buying or acquiring a total company. Investment in Indonesia is regulated in Law Number 25 Year 2007 regarding Investment. In this Law, Foreign Investment is an activity to invest in conducting business in the territory […]

Investment in Indonesia 2018 – Indonesia as one of the world’s most populated countries is living a dynamic life in many aspects. Trends are frequently changing. The huge population and the changing trends are essentials factors that people in the country are great consumers of services and products. Moreover, Indonesia is a large archipelago with thousands […]

Investment in Indonesia – As a country with a rapid change in many sectors, Indonesia is busy constructing infrastructure and its supporting facilities. The development Indonesia has made attracts capital owners to invest their fund in this huge market potential. The country transforms into a modern nation and it is in line with the increase […]

Procedure to Invest in Indonesia – Investment or investment is a second component that determines the level of aggregate expenditure. Savings from the household sector through the institution of financial institutions will flow into a corporate sector, if entrepreneurs use the money to buy capital goods, then the expenditure is called investment. These investments have […]