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How to Invest in Indonesia¬†–¬†Great investment opportunities in Indonesia make many people decide to invest in our beloved homeland. Improved economic growth, abundant natural resources and good economic stability are among the reasons why certain parties decide to invest in Indonesia. To get a sense of how much profit is made by investing in Indonesia, […]

There are many questions about how to invest my money in Indonesia for property field, especially for foreigner to us. Most are still confused, how foreigners invest property or own property in Indonesia, as well as procedures and letters. With economic growth and accelerated development, it is still promising benefits from property investment in the […]

How to make a legal company in Indonesia means we should register our company, so our company is listed legally. Business entities both in small, medium and large enterprises are very important to have a legal entity. The legal entity shall protect the business entity from all claims resulting from activities carried on by the […]

Before we discuss about how to register a company in Indonesia, then we must know about business licensing first. One of the requirements in registering the company is to attach a copy of the Business Permit and HO Interference License. Business licensing is a tool to supervise, direct, develop and publish business issuance. For the […]