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The Regulation of BKPM 12/2009 is intended as a guide for PTSP organizers in the field of investment, the investors, and the public in understanding the procedures for filing and completing the application process of investment licensing. In general, the types of investment services as regulated in BKPM 12/2009 regulations are divided into two types, […]

Open a Company in Indonesia –¬†Representative Office of a Foreign Company is a representative office established by a foreign company outside the territory of Indonesia for the purpose of administering the interests of the company or affiliated company in Indonesia and or in other countries and or preparing for the establishment and development of the […]

Permanent Business License in Indonesia – Licensing is not only done in the establishment of a business, but many consequences of the business that also require licensing. For example, permit crowd for restaurant business, permission plug and other names. Underlying the rule is Presidential Instruction No. 5 of 1984 dated April 11, 1984 on Guidelines […]

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