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Foreign Investment Law in Indonesia – The establishment of an enterprise located in Indonesia is performed through foreign investment and is aimed to the specific requirements of the establishment of the company. Foreign Investment Law in Indonesia no. 25 Year 2007 regarding Investment (“Investment Law”) is classified as an investment activity performed by foreign investors to […]

A. Purchase of Company Shares Purchase of shares of a non-PMA or PT. Ordinary by a foreign party or a PMA company may result in the status of the target company whose shares may be acquired (acquisition) or non-acquisition (not a Acquisition). The difference between acquisition and non-acquisition is done by identifying whether the share […]

How to open company in Indonesia enterprise company, the question is often asked by some potential foreign investors who want to invest in Indonesia with PMA facilities, but not a few similar questions also raised by the Indonesian people themselves who want to know the ways and procedures set up PT PMA in Indonesia. Based […]

Regulation to Build PT PMA in Indonesia -Establishment of a company in Indonesia can be done through foreign investment. Requirements for establishing a company are regulated in Law number 25/2007. Broadly speaking the Act contains the terms and procedures undertaken to make Investment. This investment activity is an activity undertaken by foreign investors to run […]

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