21Dec 2017
Mechanism of Investment through Purchase of Shares

A. Purchase of Company Shares Purchase of shares of a non-PMA or PT. Ordinary by a foreign party or a PMA company may result in the status of the target company whose shares may be acquired (acquisition) or non-acquisition (not a Acquisition). The difference between acquisition and non-acquisition is done by identifying whether the share […]

20Dec 2017
Things You Should Know About Foreign Investment in Indonesia

About foreign investment in Indonesia – The Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board is confident of achieving an investment realization target of 670 trillion rupiah in 2017 and 840 trillion rupiah in 2018. The target is set by President Joko Widodo. To that end, the Investment Coordinating Board of Indonesia will hold investment promotion in several countries. The […]

19Dec 2017
Angel investor Indonesia

Angel investor Indonesia – In recent years, start-up business has grown increasingly in Indonesia, particularly in the capital city. This increase is not separated from the role of angel investors who are willing to inject capital for the new business. One of the angel investor Indonesia is Angel Investment Network Indonesia (ANGIN). As is known, angel […]