26Dec 2017
Establish company in Indonesia

Establish company in Indonesia – The Company is the place for all production activities. Companies can be categorized as official listed companies in government, and companies that are not registered in the government. An officially registered company has a business entity for the company. Business entities are the status of companies officially registered in the government. […]

25Dec 2017
Regulation of Negative List of Investment in Indonesia

Negative list is generally regulated in Article 12 of the Capital Investment Law whereby paragraph (1) of the said provisions stipulates that all business fields or types of business are open to investment activities, except for business or business activities which are declared closed to the requirements. The explanation of the provisions stipulates further that […]

25Dec 2017
Foreign company in Indonesia

Foreign company in Indonesia – Majority of Indonesian people would have known very well that our country has a wealth of nature is very abundant. Various mining products are produced in our country from petroleum, coal, nickel, gold, and more. But unfortunately, the citizens of Indonesia are not that enjoy all the natural wealth. Most of […]

25Dec 2017
Fee for setting PT. PMA in Indonesia

Fee for setting PT. PMA in Indonesia – The establishment of an enterprise in Indonesia is generally done through investment from foreigners and is dedicated to the specific requirements of the establishment of the company. Foreign Invetations by Law no. 25 Year 2007 on Investment, defined as investment activities conducted by foreign investors to run […]