Foreign Owned Company (PMA)

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Foreign Owned Company (PMA)

Is a company established in Indonesia, but established and run by foreign citizens as shareholders or directors or commissioners.

Legal basis :

  • Law Number 25 Year 2007 regarding Capital Investment
  • Law No. 40 of 2007 on Limited Liability Companies
  • Law Number 23 Year 2014 on Regional Government of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia
  • As well as all of its implementing regulations and under the Permit of Foreign Investment Principles dated 01-12-2016, Number 3486/1 / IP / PMA / 2016, issued by the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM);


  • Obtain the principle permit from BKPM
  • Establish a company (corporate legality in the form of company deed, approval letter from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, company domicile, NPWP, SIUP TDP).
  • Licenses from authorized persons related to the specifications of the enterprise business

Requirements establishment of Foreign Investment (PMA):

1. a) Photocopy of Identity and Tax Number (if any local partner).
b) Photocopy of articles of association(AoA) that has endorsed the ministry of law and human tights (if local partner is a Limited Company (PT) ).
2. a) Photocopy of passport (all pages) for foreigners participants.
b) Photocopy of articles of association(AoA) that has endorsed the ministry of law and Human Rights or Justice Departmen (if share holder is a Limited Company)
3. Line of Business and Name of Company.
4. Company Address and Phone Number.
5. Share holder composition and the Board of Director.
6. Power of Attorney (we’ll email to you soon, then just fill it).

Documents obtained:

  1. PermissionPrinciplesofInvestment Coordinating Board/Izin Prinsip(BKPM).
  2. Notarial Deed/Notary.
  3. DomicileCompany.
  4. Tax Number Company (NPWP).
  5. Decree ofApprovalofthe Ministry ofJustice and Human Rights.
  6. Company Registration (TDP).

Company Establishment Package (PMA) IDR.35,000,000

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