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Setting Up a Company in Indonesia

Setting Up a Company in Indonesia

Setting up a Company in Indonesia – The development of the economy in a region will lure investors to establish businesses in the region. When many investors want to establish a business, then there is also a business establishment services such as PT will appear to offer services that can assist the licensing process in establishing a business with the form of Limited Liability Company. This is part of setting up a company in Indonesia.

  1. Procedures and Requirements Establishing “PT”

Here are 7 procedures to establish the following PT with the requirements that you must have if you want to make PT. Preparing data establishment PT:

  • Name of PT, the name of PT minimum consists of 3 syllables, must not wear foreign uptake and may not use the name of PT that has been used by others. The complete arrangement of usage of the PT name is governed by PP 43/2011 on Procedures for Submission and Use of Limited Company Name.
  • Place and Position of PT, it is where the PT is located and is legal. It is located within the municipality or regency. If you choose South Jakarta as the place of the position of PT in establishment of PT, then the address of PT must exist in South Jakarta area. If the above address of the PT is not located in South Jakarta, then based on the practice is considered as a branch and then must be made Branch deed and taken care of its permission.
  • Purpose and Purpose of PT, the purpose and objectives of the PT will be regulated in Deed of Establishment of PT. Where this is the main purpose that the PT was established to conduct any activity. This becomes an important part in setting up a company in Indonesia. In the intent and purpose of PT, there are some things to note, namely:
    1. except those that are prohibited by the rules You may choose any business field.
    2. Field of business to be operated, must be written in deed of establishment of PT.
    3. Business field to be operated, must have business license. For example, if your business activity is a restaurant, then you must have Restaurant Permit.
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To establish a company is needed many supporting factors. Not only capital that must be prepared, but also many other things related to the procedure of establishment of a company that must be met before starting a business. Especially if the type of company to be established is a Limited Liability Company or PT, which in fact is a company that must be legal entity and through the legalization of the Minister of Justice and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia.

Before discussing further about the services of the establishment of PT as to what to choose, we better know in advance the terms and steps needed for the establishment of a limited liability company. The terms of establishment of the PT are required to complement the required provisions in the establishment of a Limited Liability Company.

  1. Terms Establishing the PT in Accordance with the Provisions of the Law

  • PT must be established by two or more persons
    The limited liability company shall be established by two or more persons since it was established on the basis of the agreement. person in this case is a person who means an individual who has a capital or a legal entity who wants to establish a business based on an agreement with another party.
  • PT must be established by an authentic deed
    Agreement to establish a PT must also be made through an authentic deed with the help of a notary in addition to an agreement between two or more persons in order to establish a company. Deed is made in clear Indonesian language and contains the articles of association of the company. Then this Deed is submitted to the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia to be legalized.
    If the deed of establishment of the PT does not contain the above elements, then the agreement for the establishment of the PT is considered null and void, or if the submission is rejected by the Minister of Law and Human Rights, then PT stands without a permanent legal entity. You must be prepared with all conditions when setting up a company in Indonesia.
  • PT must have the authorized capital of the company
    In the establishment of a Limited Liability Company, required considerable capital. It takes sufficient capital to establish a company with the form of a Limited Liability Company. This is also one of the conditions that must be fulfilled in order to establish a limited liability company.
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To pioneer a business with a legal entity such as a Limited Liability Company, licensing requirements may be the most troublesome businessmen who want to establish a PT. To take care of this you can ask for assistance services of the establishment of a trusted PT and already have hours of flying in their field. However, to provide an overview before it is decided to appoint the services of the establishment of a PT you trust, it is better to know the steps required in establishing a company and its administrative requirements. Here are the steps in making the Company Limited.

  1. How to Set Up Company

  • Make a Company Deed
    Company deeds are the main requirements that must be prepared in the establishment of a Limited Liability Company. The deed made must contain information about the company such as the full name of the company, the business field being undertaken, the names of the owners of capital, the managerial structure of the company, the authorized capital, the amount of paid up capital, and other matters relating to the company’s operations.
  • Taking care of Business Domicile Certificate
    Business domicile certificate or SKDU is a permit issued by a local government agency to a company that operates businesses in their area. Generally, this letter is issued by officials at the sub-district or village head in a region.
  • Creating a Company tax ID Number “NPWP”
    NPWP or Taxpayer Identification Number is a must for every businessman, whether it is an individual or a corporate entity such as a Limited Liability Company. NPWP is a taxpayer identity that is useful as a means of taking care of various matters relating to taxation.
  • Obtain a Letter of Approval of Company Establishment Certificate from Minister of Justice.
    The legalization certificate authorized by the Minister of Law and Human Rights through the Ministry of Law and Human Rights is part of the legalization of a PT into a legal entity. To obtain this letter is usually required a company deed and business domicile letter.
  • Taking Care of the Trading Business License “SIUP”
    SIUP is required to establish a company such as PT in order for the business to run and operate smoothly. To make SIUP, usually the services of PT establishment will be very helpful in this case, because of so many documents and requirements that must be fulfilled when filing a business license in setting up a company in Indonesia.
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