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Percentage of Investment in Indonesia¬†–¬†Indonesia is said to have many opportunities to gain enormous opportunities in ASEAN. Indonesia is a country with the largest economy in ASEAN and the existence of MEA can further encourage growth. Indonesia is endowed with a supportive demography and a large domestic market but ASEAN will be able to provide […]

Incorporation in Indonesia – If you seriously intend to manage your business grows strongly and professionally, incorporating is the answer. Here is an overview of incorporation in Indonesia for your consideration. Managing the business individually means you as the owner is in charge of all aspects in the company. Those aspects ranging from capital source, […]

Regulation to Build PT PMA in Indonesia -Establishment of a company in Indonesia can be done through foreign investment. Requirements for establishing a company are regulated in Law number 25/2007. Broadly speaking the Act contains the terms and procedures undertaken to make Investment. This investment activity is an activity undertaken by foreign investors to run […]

Invest Indonesia – Indonesia is one of the country that offers promising market in Southeast Asia. It has been a market destination for investors from around the world. Even though forerunner businessmen have proved amazing growth, interested investors are supposed to observe the field first. Yet, invest Indonesia is promising and challenging. Market Potential Indonesia […]

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