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Foreign investment has a tightly related to law enforcement problem, which is realized in the form of legal certainty over the applicable legal provisions, not only on the regulations governing investment issues in particular, but also other regulations of sectoral and cross-sectoral nature. Therefore, the principles of investment as stipulated in the Investment Law are […]

Opening Company in Indonesia – E-commerce is a modern non-face business model or a business that does not physically bring a businessperson, and non-sign or not using original signatures. The trading system used in e-commerce is designed to sign electronically. Electronic signing is designed starting from the time of purchase, inspection and delivery. Therefore, the availability […]

Register Your Company in Indonesia – A company is a business entity that carries out any type of business that has stable, fixed and long-term nature as well as a body established, working and domiciled in Indonesia for the purpose of seeking maximum profit. Here we will discuss the conditions necessary to establish a private […]