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In general, foreign investment activities in a country are limited by the rules of the country of origin of the foreign investor (governance by the home nation), the host country where the foreign investor invests (the governance by the host nation) and also the relevant international law (governance by multi nation organizations and International Law). […]

Foreign company in Indonesia –¬†Majority of Indonesian people would have known very well that our country has a wealth of nature is very abundant. Various mining products are produced in our country from petroleum, coal, nickel, gold, and more. But unfortunately, the citizens of Indonesia are not that enjoy all the natural wealth. Most of […]

Foreign investment company in Indonesia is a form of investment made in Indonesia in various sectors, such as in development sector, tourism sector, transportation sector, mining sector and invest in Indonesia (foreign investment in Indonesia) in other sectors according to regulation and approval from the government. Foreign investment is undertaken and approved by the government […]

Open a Company in Indonesia –¬†Representative Office of a Foreign Company is a representative office established by a foreign company outside the territory of Indonesia for the purpose of administering the interests of the company or affiliated company in Indonesia and or in other countries and or preparing for the establishment and development of the […]