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Under the current regulation, the government coordinates and implements investment policies in Indonesia through BKPM, a non-state ministry headed by a head directly responsible to the president. Coordination of investment policy is carried out: (i) inter-governmental agencies; (ii) between government and local government agencies; or (iii) inter-regional government. In order to coordinate the implementation of […]

Company in Indonesia – Long-term performance, sales exceeding targeted targets, having net profit revenues of up to trillions of Rupiah and return on equity is part of the criteria that a company in Indonesia is successful in running its business. In Indonesia there are a series of names of private companies and countries that are able […]

Company registration process Indonesia is a mandatory process for any company established in Indonesia. If the company does not register with the government, it is certain that the company is operating illegally. Laws Related to Company Registration Indonesia The law that became the basis of the company registration process Indonesia is as follows; Article 1 […]