Local Company Registration (PT)

Local Company Registration (PT)

Legal Basis :


  • Establish a company (corporate legality in the form of company deed, approval letter from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, company domicile, NPWP, SIUP TDP).
  • Licenses from authorized persons related to the specifications of the enterprise business.

Requirements establishment of Local Company:

  1. Copy of Identity Card (KTP) of the Founders, Minimum 2 Persons (if husband and wife, must added 1 more person).
  2. Copy of Family Card (KK) of Director/Commisioner.
  3. Copy of Personal ID Tax Number (NPWP) of all parties.
  4. Amount of Authorized Capital & Deposit Capital.
  5. Composition of shares.
  6. Composition of Directors & Commissioners.
  7. Pas Photo size 3 x 4 = 3 pieces (red background).
  8. Rent Letter hire when rent, If Own attached attach proof of ownership.
  9. IMB office designation.
  10. UN and proof of payment paid off.

Documents obtained:

  1. Notarial Deed.
  2. Business Domicile.
  3. NPWP Company.
  4. Approval letter from the ministry of justice and human rights.
  5. SIUP.
  6. TDP.
  7. State News.

Local Company Establishment Package (PT) IDR.15.000.000