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How to Set Up a PT Company in Indonesia

How to set up a PT company in Indonesia  Indonesia is blessed with extraordinary human resources. No wonder if many business actors and businesses spread throughout Indonesia. Some are still in the form of small businesses, until those already have large companies. The more here the more people want to know about how to set up a PT company in Indonesia.

Who does not want his business or business to grow?

Almost all business actors want their business to grow and grow big. If a business continues to grow and develop it will certainly be upgraded to a business entity, can be like PT, CV, or other. But it turns out from a wide selection of business entities; the most widely selected by entrepreneurs in Indonesia is the establishment of PT.

Although many business actors in Indonesia, it is still a little who do not know the procedure of how to set up a PT company in Indonesia. No wonder some mischievous actors are often encountered because they do not have procedural company in accordance with the provisions of applicable constitution.

Preparation of Establishing PT

Since the beginning of 2016, the government has continually made efforts to simplify the procedures in establishing this Limited Liability Company. Then this is it the steps the establishment of PT,

The important thing that you should do as a preparation to establish a company (PT) is to set the framework of the Articles of Association of the Limited Liability Company as the main data and requirements to establish the company and make the deed of establishment to the Notary include;

  1. Company Name, prepare at least 3 pieces of company name.
  2. Complete data Name of the founders of the company according to self-identity.
  3. Place and company position and complete address.
  4. The amount of the authorized capital of the company.
  5. Shareholder data and amount of issued and paid up capital.
  6. Purpose and objectives of the company (business field).
  7. Board data (Board of Directors and Commissioners).
  8. Attach the identity card of the company’s founders.
  9. Attach the Tax ID Number of the Board of Directors (Board of Directors and Commissioners).
  10. Power of Attorney if the establishment of the company is to be authorized.
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Procedures for Establishing a Limited Liability Company

To establish a company (PT) required at least 2 (two) or more persons as the founder of the company made by Authentic Act by a Notary whose articles of association must obtain approval from the Minister of Law and Human Rights to obtain his status as a Legal Entity.

The following procedure is what you should do to establish a company (PT);

  1. The application for the establishment of a Limited Liability Company may be submitted by the founders together or authorize one of the founders or authorize others to appear before the Notary by bringing the completeness of the Company’s articles of association and the requirements required for the Deed of Establishment of Limited Liability Company
  2. In accordance with the data and requirements submitted by the founders or their proxies, then the Notary will make minutes or copies of the same limited company statements with a deed of incorporation to be signed by the founders or their proxies.
  3. At this stage the founders or the power of attorney can make corrections to the Notary if there is a mistake in writing.
  4. If the minutes or copies of the Company’s articles of association have been signed and submitted to the Notary by the founders of the company or their proxies, then the Notary will create and issue an Authentic Deed of Limited Liability Company Certificate signed and stamped by Notary.
  5. In the deed of establishment is written day, date, month and year as evidence of the establishment of the company.
  6. The Deed of Establishment containing the articles of association of a limited liability company shall be submitted by the Notary to the Minister to obtain the legalization as a Legal Entity pursuant to the Law of PT Number 40 Year 2007 regarding Limited Liability Company.
  7. Limited Liability Company obtains status as a Legal Entity after obtaining legalization by the issuance of Decree of the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia.
  8. After the Deed of Establishment and Ratification of the Company’s Articles of Association by the Minister is completed then a company in the form of Limited Liability Company (PT) has been established.
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Stages of PT Establishment

Every process of how to set up a PT company in Indonesia must comply with applicable rules and procedures referring to the Trade Law of PT Number 40 Year 2007 regarding Limited Liability Company.

The process of establishment of PT begins with the registration of the company name and makes the deed of establishment by notary, then the company’s domicile, the registration of the company as the taxpayer, the ratification of the limited company limited by the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia, then the process of business license such as the Trade and company registration to obtain Company Registration Certificate.

The process of application for a Trade Business License shall be filed through the City / County trade office for the medium and small-scale Trade License, or the Provincial Trade Office for a large Trading License in accordance with the place of domicile of the company. The Business Trading License is determined by the amount of issued and paid up capital in the deed of establishment.

Company registration application to get Company Registration Certificate is submitted to Company Registration located in Kota / Kabupaten cq. Department of Commerce. After obtaining the Company Registration Certificate, the next step is the registration of taxable entrepreneurs submitted through the tax office in accordance with the Taxpayer Identification Number.

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A taxable entrepreneur is required to issue a company invoice in order to sell products or services with value added tax. The last stage is the status of the company as a legal entity has been perfect after it was announced in the news event of state of Republic Indonesia. This application may be filed after the company has a Company Registration Certificate and has been approved by the Minister of Justice & Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia.

Now you have known how to set up a PT company in Indonesia, you should follow the requirements and procedure as well.

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  1. Dear Manager,

    I come from KL Malaysia. I plan to set up a company in Jakarta soon.

    As a foreigner, can I 100% own a company with above activities in Indonesia ?

    Kindly advise me. Thank you.


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