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Complexity of Investment Licening Problems

Complexity of Investment Licening Problems

Under the current regulation, the government coordinates and implements investment policies in Indonesia through BKPM, a non-state ministry headed by a head directly responsible to the president. Coordination of investment policy is carried out: (i) inter-governmental agencies; (ii) between government and local government agencies; or (iii) inter-regional government.

In order to coordinate the implementation of investment policies and services, BKPM has the following duties and functions:

  1. Carrying out the duties and coordination of policy implementation in the field of investment.
  2. Reviewing and propose policy of investment service.
  3. Establishing norms, standards and procedures for the implementation of activities and services
    capital investment.
  4. Developing opportunities and potential investment in the region by empowering business entities.
  5. Creating an investment map of Indonesia.
  6. Promoting investment.
  7. Developing investment business sector through investment development, among others, enhancing partnership to increase competitiveness, creating healthy business competition and disseminating information as wide as possible in the sphere of investment implementation.
  8. Assisting in resolving various constraints to consult the problems faced by investors in carrying out investment activities.
  9. Coordinating domestic investors who run their investment activities outside Indonesian territory.
  10. Coordinating and completing one-door integrated services.
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