30Dec 2017
China investment in Indonesia

China investment in Indonesia – Last January, Head of the Investment Coordinating Board Thomas Trikasih Lembong announced during 2016, Indonesia received foreign direct investment (FDI) from China of 2.7 billion US dollars (Republika, January 25, 2017). If coupled with foreign direct investment from Hong Kong, China’s autonomous region where there are many large Chinese companies controlling […]

29Dec 2017
Definition of Investment in the Investment Law

Direct Investment and Portfolio Investment In general, the concept of direct investment often distinguished by the term portfolio investment or portfolio investment. Direct investment is often defined as an investment activity involving: (i) transfer of funds; (ii) long-term projects; (iii) the purpose of obtaining regular income, (iv) partial transfer of funds; and (v) a business […]

29Dec 2017
Important Information about Companies Registration in Jakarta

Companies registration in Jakarta does not vary much with the company registration process in other cities. It’s just that the registration of companies in Jakarta is much more attention than in other cities because Jakarta is the capital of this country. Similar to the company registration process in other cities, the terms by condition must […]