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The Regulation of BKPM 12/2009 is intended as a guide for PTSP organizers in the field of investment, the investors, and the public in understanding the procedures for filing and completing the application process of investment licensing. In general, the types of investment services as regulated in BKPM 12/2009 regulations are divided into two types, […]

Every company within the territory of Indonesia is obliged to do a company registration Indonesia. This registration aims to record the number of growing companies in Indonesia, regulate and protect the rights and obligations of the company. Companies that do not register may be subject to punishment. In addition, of course the company will not […]

Company registration process Indonesia is a mandatory process for any company established in Indonesia. If the company does not register with the government, it is certain that the company is operating illegally. Laws Related to Company Registration Indonesia The law that became the basis of the company registration process Indonesia is as follows; Article 1 […]

In general, foreign investment activities in a country are limited by the rules of the country of origin of the foreign investor (governance by the home nation), the host country where the foreign investor invests (the governance by the host nation) and also the relevant international law (governance by multi nation organizations and International Law). […]