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Many have said that Indonesia is a promising market for investors. How to start a small business in Indonesia? Numerous businesses that started small have shown excellent growth. However, even though it is seen that many life aspects in Indonesia rapidly develops – thus supporting businesses are still greatly needed—still, investors must carry a further […]

 Incorporation of Limited Liability Company – For entrepreneurs or foreign investors, establishing a company in Indonesia requires a long and arduous process. This problem is one of the biggest difficulties for investors in establishing companies in Indonesia.Many things that are needed in the process of establishing a company in Indonesia, among others, registration of establishment […]

Foreign Investment – Historically the existence of foreign investment in Indonesia is actually not a new phenomenon, given the foreign capital has been made in Indonesia since the colonial era. However foreign investment in the colonial era is different with foreign investment after independence, because the purpose of foreign investment in the colonial era is […]

Currently Indonesia is the number 3 investment destination in Asia after China and India. As for the world, Indonesia is ranked 4th, and Indonesia is the main investment destination for the Southeast Asia region (United nations conference on trade and developments/Untad). Indonesia has the potential to become an investment destination for the owners of capital, […]